House Goals 2018

It’s been over a year now we’ve been in our house and we have accomplished SO MUCH!!  I think I’ve painted every wall in the house with the exception of the two upstairs bathrooms.  I still have many more projects I want to tackle over the next year, so here is my list of house goals 2018!

1. Finish Painting the Ceiling into the Kitchen and Walls going up the Stairs

Ok, so this one is totally on me being lazy.  When we finished our living room renovation I hurriedly painted all the walls and ceiling before they did final electrical.  I stopped the ceiling paint as it ran into the kitchen and just haven’t finished it…out of laziness and the fact that I hate painting ceilings!  The walls going up the the second level are a little different…it gets REALLY high and I’m just nervous.  Well wouldn’t you know getting a $1200 quote from a painter to do this for me was just what I needed to get over the laziness and the fear of height.  Well that and this amazing blog post from A Turtle’s Life For Me that is giving me the confidence I needed…and a new tool that I think will make this MUCH easier!!  New tool came last weekend…so I might start to tackle the kitchen ceiling this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted!

2. Make or Buy a Buffet for the Dining Room

So this fall I inherited some China from my Great Aunt/Godmother.  Now I’m not a china person and never would have registered for something like that when we got married but since this meant something it felt a little different.  She has been saying for years she wanted me to have it and when she downsized, it was time.  My sister brought it to me at Thanksgiving and I must say it’s beautiful!  White with a little detail, if I ever wanted china…this would be it.  I even used it for Thanksgiving.  So now that I have this giant china set I would much rather have a buffet in the dining room for storage (china, bar stuff, etc) vs. the sofa table we have in the room now.  Sofa table looks great but doesn’t have the storage I want.  I hate for this china to just sit in the basement.  So I’m thinking of buying or building a buffet.  I found these plans on Pinterest and love it!

new china and current buffet situation

3. Office Space in the ‘Office Bedroom’ Upstairs

Our middle bedroom has always been the ‘office room’ since we moved in.  It’s the only bedroom with a little nook, perfect for a desk.  I’ve always thought I wanted to have a built in desk but also want lockable file storage and the ability to hide the printer away and pull it out on a slider when needed.  The need for this has become more apparent again now that our livingroom remodel is done and our furniture situation is different and we no longer have a media cabinet, which is where the printer, paper etc used to be.  I’ve always loved the Whitney or Bedford modular office furniture from Pottery Barn but just haven’t pulled the trigger since I find it expensive and not exactly what I want, and IKEA hacks haven’t totally worked either.  Of course I’ve pinned a few things too like thisthis, and this.

‘office bedroom’ before paint and new carpet – see that great nook for a desk!

4. Table for New Living Room Space

Part of our living room remodel allowed for us to combine the kitchen and living space with a table that allows for easy eating, working, etc while being part of both spaces.  The space was designed to have a 5 ft table and well we just don’t have one yet.  So for now we brought our wood IKEA table in from the sun room since we don’t use it this time of year.  It’s smaller than 5 ft, which is totally fine for now, but we will want it back in its place once the weather is warmer.  This project might end up taking priority sooner than I thought.

this table is now in the kitchen/living space

5. Built Ins Around the Fireplace in the new Living Space

This one is the hardest for me to be patient on!  We knew this would come later after the renovation, mostly because if we had the builder do it, it would be another 15K on to the cost of the project – crazy!!!  Our goal is to have built ins around the fireplace.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be a DIY and possibly an IKEA hack.  Something like this, or this.  Currently, we have a bookshelf and I DIY’d a blanket ladder on the other side to balance out the space.  Honestly, this one might not happen this year.

not a great pic, but you get the idea


So, there you have it…my house goals fro 2018.  They might all happen, they might not, and that’s ok!  I’ll keep you posted and you might see a few new ones make the list!

Winter Recap

It’s time for a Winter Recap!

I know it’s still winter but weather right now makes it feel like spring is just around the corner with these 50+ degree days but I know we still have the whole month of February to get through!  Waiting in line 45 minutes to get a car wash this weekend sure made it feel like spring was almost here too!  Since Tim started the snowblower, without any issues, and bought new winter boots this weekend I’m pretty sure that means there will be no more snow this season. 🙂  So what has been the highlight of my winter thus far…

  1. Winter Decor – I am not someone who is obsessed with Christmas decorations but have had a lot of fun this year decorating our new living room space.  That plus a few decent snows can really put you in the Christmas spirit!
  2. First Christmas with a niece and nephew! – Both my brother and sister had babies this past year.  I haven’t seen my nephew in person yet, he lives in Hawaii, but loving on my niece is awesome!  Made the Rudolph booties for each of them using this pattern.

  1. Puppy Snuggles – While Penny isn’t a puppy anymore I do love winter with her!  She is such a good snuggler and is our little furnace in bed.  She is the type of dog that loves to go under the covers and have a blanket over her.


How is your winter shaping up?  It is my least favorite season but it sure can be pretty!

50+ Free Magazines each Month with Amazon Prime

Summer is my time to catch up on my reading list.  Something about sitting on the beach or on a porch that makes it all I want to do.  One of my favorite reading go to’s is the free magazines each month on Amazon Prime.  Did you know it did that?

amazon prime

If you are one of the few people left on earth that either doesn’t know what an Amazon Prime Membership is or its benefits you can read more here.  I, personally, see so much value in it’s membership from the free shipping on items to the streaming music, prime videos,books and so much more.  If you are a student the membership is usually at a really big discount!

So back to the free magazines!  I’ve always really liked magazines.  I enjoy the casual writing style, visuals and the fact that I can knock it out in one sitting.  Sometimes I get annoyed when my Dr. calls me in too early and I didn’t get enough time in the waiting room with the latest edition of Good Housekeeping or People.  However, I don’t personally subscribe to any magazines currently and I think part of that is due to the fact I’m not sure I would read them all year round and I don’t like clutter!  Amazon Prime to the rescue!!

Amazon Prime allows you to add a bunch of free magazines to your Kindle app each month.  Pick and choose the ones you want and with a few clicks send it to the device you want to read on.  You are only allowed ten magazines at a time so if there are more you want to check out you just read a few, delete them, and snag some more!  You do need the FREE Kindle app to read on and you can get it on any device!

Check out the selections for this month (August 2017)

Amazon Prime Free Magazines


Pretty awesome right!  It is totally free, they don’t charge you for the next month or bother you about subscribing or anything.  It’s so perfect for travel and even reading without an internet connection.  Just be sure to download your magazines to your app first then you can read without a connection.  No commitment, no clutter – I love it!

P.S. They have a lot of books that work the same way!!!  Enjoy!

Story Book Themed Baby Shower

We try to get together for a ‘girls’ weekend once a year with just my mom and sister and this year we also included my two aunts.  In June, they all came to Lancaster for a few days.  It’s raining babies over here on my side of the family, my brother had a baby this week and my sister is due in October.  While here we surprised my sister with a little story book themed baby shower.

She isn’t finding out the gender and the nursery is taking on a story book theme so that made it easy.  My mom also kept some of our childhood books that are still in good condition and were given to us as a gift so this made a perfect surprise as well.  Search Pinterest for Story Book Themed Baby Shower and you’ll be totally inspired.  We aren’t a fussy bunch and knew we wanted to keep in simple so here I asked everyone to bring a book and then based on the books my mom had kept, I picked a few that I knew I could make food ideas out of.

Story Book Themed Baby Shower

Book & Recipes: (some links are affiliate links)


My go to book to give little ones is the Monster At The End Of This Book – it even comes as a board book!

Monster at the end of this Book - Book


My sister asked me to make a directional sign with fictional places from stories that both her and her husband love.  I surprised her by also making a bookshelf to go along with it!  I can give a lot more detail on how I did both but I think that will be another post!

Tree bookshelf and sign


What I’m Loving Today! #7

It’s been awhile, but I’m excited to share with you what I’m loving today – #7!

1. Caulking the molding!

This sounds so silly but it makes such a huge difference and really makes everything look so clean and perfect!  I used a paintable, white, silicone caulk between the molding and wall.  Really brings it all together and can help hide painting imperfections.

What I'm Loving Today - Caulking the molding

2. Baseball Season!

It’s here!  It’s my favorite sport to watch not to mention is the one with the cutest athletes!  I love the sport, the food, the atmosphere.  We attended the Lancaster Barnstormers home opener a few weeks ago.

What I'm Loving Today - Barnstormers Home Opener

3. Kreg Jig K5

This is kind of my new obsession!  If you’ve ever scoured Pinterest for DIY home stuff I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon projects that highly recommend this tool.  I finally bit the bullet, bought it off Amazon, have ZERO regrets.  I have four big projects going on right now that I’ll share when I’m done.  All inspired by my three main DIY lady crushes – Ana White and the Shanty2Chic sisters!  If you go for it – I also highly recommend getting these clamps and this giant set of pocket hole screws!  They also have cheaper Kreg Jigs available but I needed some of the features that came with this one!

What I'm Loving Today - Kreg Jig K5

4. My husband

I know cheesy!  I’m not a mushy, super affectionate person but this picture makes me laugh.  Last weekend one of the houses across the street had an estate auction.  We didn’t quite know what that meant until Saturday morning when our neighborhood was packed with cars and the auction went from 8:00am – 4:30pm.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I went over a few times, got lunch at the food truck, listened to the auctioneer while working in the garage.  Tim, however, was over there pretty much all day!  He was so excited for this $4 purchase!  Thankfully that is all he came home with!

What I'm Loving Today - $4 wheelbarrow!


So what are you loving today?  Feel free to comment below and check out past posts about What I’m Loving Today.

Have a great weekend everyone!