bloglovinSo I am a little bit of a late bloomer to the blog world both as a follower of blogs and a blogger.  I’ve always liked blogs but never followed anyone religiously.  I think what changed that for me is Pinterest.  As I started pinning things I would notice the same few people (bloggers) would always be popping up doing and writing about things I was also really interested in.  A few of the first people I started following were those that do hair tutorials since I was no longer teaching PE I should probably do something else besides a pony tail with my long hair.  That morphed into more lifestyle blogs and people I really felt connected to and admired and inspired me to start my own blog!

While Pinterest is great for finding new people it still isn’t a great platform, for me, in terms of following the daily ins and outs of actual blogs.  So for the past few years I would start bookmarking blogs I liked on my web browser.  About a month ago I ventured into the App Store on my iPad and featured was the app Bloglovin.  I downloaded it (free) and LOVE IT!  It’s finally the answer to my disorganized blogtastrophy.  I follow my usual blogs, find new ones and they are all threaded there for me in one neat package.  I use it mostly through the app on my iPad but the web version is great as well.  FINALLY I feel so ‘in the know’ and up to date with my blog friends.

Living In The Sunlight

And in case you are interested, here are some of my favorite blogs I follow:

Peanut Butter Fingers (my fav and now she is preggo, super cutes, excited to follow her journey)

Pink Pistachio (beautiful blog)

HopefulHoney (for my crafty side, and it’s a lifestyle blog)

TheSmallThingsBlog (she is all over Pinterest with her hair tutorials but her lifestyle blog is great!)

kayleymelissa (hair tutorials….I’ve learned SO much from her)

TwistMePretty (discovered her a few weeks ago and she just did a post with KayleyMelissa…wow!, hair tutorials)

MakeupByAlli (more of a YouTube channel great makeup and hair ideas)


Share some of your favorite blogs in the comment box!

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