30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update

Well, we are about half way though the 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge.  It’s Day 15…Rest Day…whew.  It’s getting harder and more time consuming, as it should.  I’ve really liked it and, yay me, haven’t missed a day yet.  I actually do feel as though I am getting stronger, especially in my stomach and legs.  As predicted, my general activity has increased as well with the nicer weather.

One sort of snag my best friend and I ran into is with the tracking of our food.  I have a FitBit and she has a FuelBand.  Both essentially do the same thing, however, MyFitnessPal does not sync her activity with the FuelBand like it does for me with the FitBit.  So we moved our tracking over to the app LoseIt since it will do both our devices.  I tried it, don’t care for it and I’m secretly back on MyFitnessPal.  It’s like my nice comfy pair of pajama pants that I don’t want to give up even though they are literally falling apart.  I just like MFP so much better!  My info and recipes are set up better there and the interface is easier.  I guess the important thing is that we are using one or the other.

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