30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge continues and the struggles are becoming more real!  Today is Day 19 for me but it’s really the thought that tomorrow is Day 20, rest day, that is getting me through.  Planks and lunges are becoming the hardest but I have yet to miss a day!  My legs, for sure, feel a lot tighter and stronger.

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My favorite part of this challenge hit me yesterday as an unexpected benefit.  My best friend, we are doing the challenge together, and I have been able to communicate every day.  One of our accountabilibuddy agreements was to message each other every day when we were done with the challenge.

We met and became fast friends one summer working at a North Carolina summer camp to make a little extra money since we were both in our first few years of teaching.  She is from a small town there and I was a Yankee transplant.  We have always been close but as our lives progressed we had to work at it more.  Since we met we both got married, she’s had two children, I’ve moved first to Maryland and now to Pennsylvania.  We are farther apart than ever in terms of distance but we’ve made it a priority to stay in touch.  Admittedly, I’ve not always been good at this but she has!  We’ve seen each other a few times in the past few years since I’ve reclaimed my Yankee status and I make it a point to visit her anytime I am in the area.

These past few weeks with the challenge have been awesome socializing with her daily, mostly via text.  We started with simple ‘I’m done!’ to using emojis to reliving our inside jokes and sending movie clips.  All of this just for a simple ‘hey, I’m done with the fitness challenge today’.  I love it!  Below are some of my favorite and more appropriate moments. 🙂

Girl Chat | www.livinginthesunlight.com

She received this clip from me the other day when I finished:

I have more up my sleeve…buahahahaha.

How do you stay in touch with your friends?  What works best for you?


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