Whew…What a great last few days!

PicMonkey Collage

The past few days have been hectic in the best way possible!  My mom, dad and sister came to town on Wednesday – Saturday with a packed schedule of awesomeness, as usual.  My mom turned 60 in January and my sister and I planned a girl’s time together with her.  This time worked best for us all since the hubs and my sister were on spring break this past week and this worked well for my parents too.  I’ll write in more detail to share what we did later this week although you can probably tell based on the photo in this post. 🙂

The 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge also ended for me this past week.  I just created the next challenge and we’ll start that tomorrow…stay tuned.

The past day or so has just been chill, catching up on cleaning, laundry and sleep.  It’s so beautiful out, sun is shining, sliding glass door is open ushering in the fresh air.  Yay spring!


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