Mount Hope BrewFest

This past weekend we had a great time going to the BrewFest in Mount Hope, Lancaster County.  Friends at work raved about this festival so we decided to join in the fun and get tickets for the second session of the day that went from 4:30pm – 8:30pm.  We’ve been to a few brew fests before and this was by far the best mostly due to the location at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair complex just north of Manheim, PA.


This location was awesome!  Parking was a breeze and since it’s set up more for the Renaissance Fair it was nice and spread out, lots of shade and sitting areas!  We were advised to head to the back of the park first and so that’s what we did and met friends soon after.  So many local breweries were represented and we sampled most in our cool little tasting glasses.  There were lines at the tasting tents but they moved quickly and all the breweries and fest goers were friendly and in great moods.  Another highlight was that food was included with our ticket price.  It wasn’t anything fancy but when you are at a beer fest food is key to soak up all the samples.  There was pizza, soup, buffalo chicken dip, brats, burgers and more all nice and spread out so you would hit different vendors as you walked around.


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