WWII Encampment

To round out our weekend that seemed to keep us feeling as though we were going back in time we wound up at the WWII Encampment event at Wheatland.  So we went from 1800’s baseball to WWII era in a matter of 24 hours…not too bad huh?


This was my first time at the Campus of History in Lancaster, PA otherwise known as President James Buchanan’s Wheatland.  Even though you are definitely in the city of Lancaster, it’s a little sprawling, green, lush campus that doesn’t feel city like at all.  We easily parked in the lot and walked the grounds and visited the various set ups the participants put together.  Through LancasterHistory.org you can find out a lot more information on this area and the different events.

This event was great because there was a little bit of everything, Italian troops, Seebees (now I now what this is and I feel smart typing it 🙂 ), communication soldiers, airplane mechanics, and a bunch more!  There were also tents with displays and a trailer set up like a 1940’s house that you could walk though.  All the items they collected over the years was so interesting and some even had period music playing and airplane take off noise going off in the background which really made it come to life.  Sunday morning wasn’t too busy so it was great to be able to talk to all the guys and gals and ask questions.  Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable.  They all kept saying the big WWII event they all look forward too is coming up in a few weeks in Reading, PA.  I think this is what they were talking about and if we are around we might have to check that out.


This is really my favorite time period in history and I know it’s Tim’s, my history teacher hubby.  For me personally, it’s the the connection of it being my grandparents era and my grandfather fought in WWII in the Pacific.  I love the music, style, the way our country came together and sacrificed.  It makes me proud to be an American.  It really is our greatest generation.

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