Hubs Birthday Weekend…

About a week ago was Tim’s 40…*cough … something birthday.  We tend not to make a big deal out of birthday’s and holiday’s but it’s nice to do something special for each other during that time.  So on Saturday we had some errands to run so I decided to surprise him and take him to a Lancaster brewery he’s been dying to try…Wacker Brewing Company.  The story behind this place is pretty cool.  It’s an older brewery dating back to the 1800’s that closed 55 years ago only to reopen a few months ago.  They don’t try to do anything fancy, just make good beer in a cool old warehouse.


Can you tell which beer was mine?  🙂  We had a few pints, got a soft pretzel and hung out by an open window to enjoy the breeze.  They will start to have live music soon on some week nights, have a dart board area and it’s attached to the Thistle Finch Distillery.  Just a chill place.  As we were settling our tab I also bought Tim a t-shirt.IMG_20150530_174921971

Do check out their website a head of time since they do keep some different hours and as of right now aren’t open on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

On Sunday, Tim’s actually birthday, we made plans to meet up with friends in Gettysburg.  It’s a good half way meeting point for us in an area that has tons to do.  We gathered around lunch time at Appalachian Brewing Company and then made our way downtown.  We love Appalachian Brewing and have a location closer to us in Lititz.  The food is always good, beer is good and atmosphere is fun.


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