How I Make Homemade Chex Mix That People Crave

This weekend I’ll be leaving for a service trip to the Washington, North Carolina area to work on building a house…we think…we actually don’t know what tasks they will give us to do until we get there.  My mom, dad and sister and a group from Ohio are going and I’ll meet them there on Saturday.   As I have been gathering supplies and getting my stuff together I had an unexpected request from my sister…can you make chex mix?

I use the standard recipe but I do make some tweaks which I think is what makes people crave it.

  1. I use chex mix seasoning packets.  They aren’t the easiest to find but when you do you can usually pick them up for about 50 cents each.  I really wouldn’t pay much more than that.   Not only do I use those packets to season my chex mix but I also double the seasoning packet per batch.  So the directions say one packet per 3 cups of this and that but I do two packets.  I keep the butter the same at 6 tablespoons.  Below are the directions from the back of the packet.

  2. I usually use whatever chex like cereal is the cheapest at the grocery store.  This batch was Weis Market brand.  I always get a corn chex, rice chex and the third chex is one with some sweetness to it…I used a honey vanilla flavor this time.  So now it’s not regular salty chex mix, it’s a sweet and salty mix that really makes it awesome.  I also use a good nut mix, like shown in the picture below.  My personal favorite for pretzels is the butter snaps.  They are square and have a good taste to them and those that don’t like pretzels, like my sister, can easily pick them out.  All these ingredients make about 3.5 batches and I usually use all the ingredients because it does get gobbled up quickly and keeps well.

  1. My third trick is I microwave it in batches.  This really speeds the process along and allows for a nice even cooking time and allows for more stirring so nothing sticks.  I also, by accident, found out that my stock pot lid fits perfectly over this microwave safe bowl.  I tend to make a batch (3 cups of all the chex and double the packets) in my stock pot and pour the butter and seasoning mix over top.  I then put the lid on the stock pot and shake and stir.  This gives a nice even coat and keeps big spoons from breaking your mix.  I then pour half of the coated mix in the microwave safe bowl and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.  I then, using pot holders, take out the bowl, put the the stock pot lid on and shake and stir again so there won’t be any clumping and burning while cooking.  I do this about three times and then spread the chex on a paper towel to cool.

It is so good!  Makes a ton and is great anytime of the year!

Anyone else have some great Chex mix recipes?

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