Spring House – New Brewery is Open!

One of my favorite breweries, now that we live in PA, is Spring House Brewing Company in Lancaster.  They brew a lot of beers that are near and dear to me since I am a dark beer lover…Big Gruesome, Lil’ Gruesome, Kerplunk, Satan’s Bake Sale, Blood Lust…

We’ve been to the downtown Tap Room location many times and have taken family and friends there when they come to visit.  It’s right next to Central Market on King St. and it has the BEST food!  I LOVE the Black Bean Burger Wrap and Tim loves the Red Hot Sausages.  It is a small space so you do tend to have to time it right.

We were excited to hear they were moving their brewery itself from outside of Lancaster city to Lancaster city.  They opened a few weeks ago and we knew that this past weekend we had to check it out!


The location of the new brewery is on Hazel street.  It’s not really near any of the touristy things or right downtown and honestly that’s ok by us.  It’s nice to have a place to go that you know you don’t have to time right…you can just go.  There is plenty of parking and the old warehouse looks fantastic!  We got there around 3pm on a Saturday and hadn’t had lunch yet so we were excited to have a few beers and check out the new menu.


The inside is sweet!  Big and open, rustic and historic but functional.  Its hits right on their theme without being too kitschy.  The back half of the old warehouse is the brewery and the front half is the eating and drinking area.  The whole place has an open feel with the upstairs being a catwalk of sorts where it looks like you could hold events and parties.  There is also an outside patio in the front and it looks like there might be more patio space to be developed on the side of the building.  It was too hot outside for anyone to enjoy the outdoor seating on this day but it looks like eventually it might be enough space to double the amount of seating.

The menu is different than the Tap Room but we knew that going in and were excited to find some new favorites.  They also have a raw oyster bar if you are into that.  We sat at the bar, which is pretty big.  We both ordered a beer and a pretzel rope to start.  I’m a sucker for a soft pretzel and this was great with good cheesy dipping sauce…although it’s hard to find a bad one in Lancaster county.  I ordered the Big Gruesome and Tim had the She Monster.


We also ordered entrees.  I had the Spent Grain burger – a vegetarian option with all the fixings.  Tim ordered the Rubin and somewhere in there we both had another beer.  When they brought out the food they ended up bringing Tim a burger instead of a Rubin.  They were so nice they gave him a beer to help ease the pain of waiting for his order to come out.  Food was great!  Loved the spent grain burger (we like to use our spent grain to make grain bars) and Tim loved the Rubin.




The staff was hustling and there were a lot of them.  For a Saturday at 3pm, and only being open about a week and a half, the place was also pretty full!  I’m not even sure they are fully open yet…more of a soft open.  There were a few seats around and some shared tables but it was hopping.

One of my favorite things about Spring House is that you can also buy half pints.  So if you don’t really want another full beer you can get a half one!!  Yay!  Especially good for me since my dark beers have a higher alcohol content.  We will be back soon!


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