On the Struggle Bus

This time of year always gets me.  My teacher friends and family are winding down the school year.  They have something to look forward to…summer vacation.  Something to plan for…a start of a fresh new school year.  I’m jealous, sad I left, yet not, but I am.  I’ve toyed with the idea of renewing my teaching license in PA.  I might…options are good right?  Then I think of how hard it is to get a teaching job in Pennsylvania.  My husband has been trying for two years without any luck.  It’s been raining all week.  I’ve had zero motivation at work.  Our house hunt isn’t going great…why are we buying a house again?  C’est la vie.

Then I get this email from one of my college students mother’s:



All better! 🙂  Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!


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