Winter Recap

It’s time for a Winter Recap!

I know it’s still winter but weather right now makes it feel like spring is just around the corner with these 50+ degree days but I know we still have the whole month of February to get through!  Waiting in line 45 minutes to get a car wash this weekend sure made it feel like spring was almost here too!  Since Tim started the snowblower, without any issues, and bought new winter boots this weekend I’m pretty sure that means there will be no more snow this season. 🙂  So what has been the highlight of my winter thus far…

  1. Winter Decor – I am not someone who is obsessed with Christmas decorations but have had a lot of fun this year decorating our new living room space.  That plus a few decent snows can really put you in the Christmas spirit!
  2. First Christmas with a niece and nephew! – Both my brother and sister had babies this past year.  I haven’t seen my nephew in person yet, he lives in Hawaii, but loving on my niece is awesome!  Made the Rudolph booties for each of them using this pattern.

  1. Puppy Snuggles – While Penny isn’t a puppy anymore I do love winter with her!  She is such a good snuggler and is our little furnace in bed.  She is the type of dog that loves to go under the covers and have a blanket over her.


How is your winter shaping up?  It is my least favorite season but it sure can be pretty!

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