This site encompasses all my passions, family, friends, daily life, technology, DIY, beer, crafts.  It’s just…me.  I have dabbled with separate blog sites that dealt with my passions but it just didn’t make sense anymore to separate them when they are ALL apart of my life.  I hope you find a little joy as I share with you a little bit of my everything.

This site is named the site ‘Living in the Sunlight’ because that is truly when I am the happiest!

About Me


I grew up in a very small town in the western part of New York state.  When I say small I’m talking like I graduated in a class of around 67 people and had one stop light and that light blinked yellow after 10pm.  I was (still am I hope 🙂 ) the girl next door.  In high school I was the athlete, involved in dance and music, took all the art classes, etc.

First generation going to college I majored in Physical Education and moved to North Carolina to get my first teaching job.  While living in NC I met my husband, who is also a teacher, got a house, puppy, a master’s degree, advanced my career…life was great!  However, it still felt like something was missing.  We were both far away from our families and every holiday and vacation we felt like all we did was schlep around to visit them.  So we decided to move closer to family to spend more time with them.  Our journey north took us to Maryland first and now to Lancaster, PA (#love) where my husband is from and his parents live.  I now work in higher education in educational technology and my husband still teaches.

We feel more at home now and look forward to what the future holds.