Simple Shadow Box Jewelry Storage

Today I’m excited to share with you a very simple shadow box jewelry storage project I tackled using a shadow box I found at Hobby Lobby!

I don’t wear much jewelry.  Mostly stud earrings on a daily basis but I have a few nicer earrings and necklaces that are knotted up in my dresser jewelry box.  I have the grand idea that if I display them where I can see them I’ll wear them more often…totally won’t happen but it will look pretty and not be tangled! 🙂

Simple Shadow Box Jewelry Storage

I’ve looked at these shadow boxes a few times at Hobby Lobby.  They open in the front and immediately I thought it would be a great jewelry storage idea!  I was particularly drawn to this one because of the oil rubbed bronze look I keep using and I liked that the sides were glass as well.  Hobby Lobby does have a ton to choose from, all different sizes and colors and, of course, usually 40% off!  You can always go to their website and print out a coupon if they aren’t on sale!  Most also have a fabric backing so you could also probably just tack the pins where you want them and hang some necklaces.  This one I snagged for around $20 on sale.Image of Hobby Lobby Shadow Box

I bought some wood trim from Home Depot and cut it down to fit the width of the box.  Then I sawed slots to slide stud earrings and drilled holes for the dangly ones.   I also cut a piece of trim and added hooks for necklaces.  All in all it’s three pieces of trim that I spray painted with oil rubbed bronze paint and super glued into the box.  This box is also great because it had a ledge to easily glue the wood to!

Overall I’m really happy with this Simple Shadow Box Jewelry Storage!  It’s hanging in our closet and I see it everyday but still don’t wear much out of it. 🙂  If I were to do it again I actually might get a bigger one from Hobby Lobby.  Some of the really long necklaces touch the bottom and I have more wall space in this closet than I thought!

Dining Room Transformation

Our new (to us) house has brought a long a lot of fun projects!  We had a month between closing on the house and moving in so we tackled painting all four bedrooms, closets and hallway upstairs.  We were motivated to get all this done since we had also ripped out all the carpets and making a mess wasn’t an issue! 🙂  I’m still working on painting all the closet doors from upstairs but since it’s chilly in the garage this time of year painting doors has taken a back seat to some warmer indoor projects.

Going for an easy win…I decided to give the dining room a transformation this winter.

Dining Room Transformation: Dining room color before and after

As you can see our house has a lot of wood trim, which we like, but it does make things look really dark!  So I decided to paint the wainscoting in white first and then see how that looked against the window trim.  First, I sanded it and then painted three coats of primer (2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Multi Purpose Latex Primer and 1 coat Glidden Gripper Primer)  I love Sherwin-Williams paint but the primer just didn’t seem to be cutting it so the guy at Home Depot talked me into the Glidden.  I personally think three coats of primer will cover anything so I can’t tell if it really made a difference or not.  Anywho…after priming I did two coats of Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic and that was it for the wainscoting!

Dining Room Transformation: wainscoting before and after

Next was picking the wall color!  We knew we wanted to lighten the room up in general and get away from the yellow tones.  Our house has a lot of yellow toned walls which makes the wood seem more ‘woody’.  We picked up a few sample cards from Sherwin-Williams and we decided to go with Colonial Revival Gray in their Emerald paint since we didn’t think that locked us into a real blue or green color scheme.  For those that haven’t tried Sherwin-Williams paint…it’s like butter!  We tried other top rated brands when painting our whole upstairs and nothing compares.  It’s a little more expensive but I have never not had a coupon for at least 30% off and the people at the store are the most helpful and friendly people you can work with!

Dining Room Transformation: paint color choices

I am learning to be patient but I did have my moment of panic.  I did the edging in the Colonial Revival Gray and it was looking too blue and kind of dark so I tried our master bedroom color and another bedroom color and called my sister to get her opinion.  We agreed to stick with it and maybe after all the yellow was covered it would look better.  Of course it did!

Dining Room Transformation: do we stick with this color

Two coats later and we are good to go!  Last step was to change out the electrical outlets and switches to white and install our new lighting fixture, which I got from Wayfair.  We are going for an oil rubbed bronze fixture look throughout the house and this one looks great without being too trendy and gives off great light.  Certainly beats the church brass look with burnt out light bulbs our other one had.  Our last step will be to change out the flooring (rugs in dining rooms is so weird to me) and eventually update the window treatments.  Currently, we are planning a whole reconfiguration of the downstairs living area and the flooring and window treatments will probably be addressed then.

Dining Room Transformation: finished dining room

Last thing to do is get something on the walls.  This is where I have the hardest time committing.  Right now I’m leaning towards making something like these mirrors from the girls at Shanty 2 Chic.  What do you think?


My Christmas Decor for 2015

Partly due to the fact that we won’t be hosting or around much this year, our Christmas decorations are pretty minimal.  I’m loving it though!  The touch of warmth, and holiday cheer is just enough to get you in the spirit.

Of the few decorations I have out, two of them are new.


I gravitate to more of a natural decorating scheme and I’m loving my ‘Noel’ I played hunter gatherer for.  I fell in love with this light up wooden star at Michael’s and when there was a big sale, plus a coupon, I got the normally priced star for $18 ($50 regular price).  Big plus is it’s battery operated and not electric so I can put it anywhere without worrying about cords all over the place.  I knew I wanted to spell either JOY or NOEL and decided on Noel.  Now comes the hunter gatherer part. 🙂

I found a letter ‘N’ also at Michael’s.  The white is natural and pretty and surprisingly this letter stands up on its own.  I also picked out the ‘E’ at Michael’s.  It’s more 3D and paper mache.  I wanted a different texture so with a little hot glue and twine I wrapped the letter E.  Now came the hard part.  I was literally left with NO L.

I went to a few other craft places and no luck.  I didn’t find an ‘L’ that was different than the first two letters I had.  Finally I ended up at Hobby Lobby and picked out a cool metal ‘L’ but it was too small and looked funny with the other letters.  Returned it and grabbed an ‘L’ that I knew wouldn’t stand up on its own so I also bought some little wooden blocks and glued them behind and spray painted it silver for another texture and color element.  I LOVE the way it turned out!

My moment of weakness this holiday season came when I bought this Pottery Barn Outlet Partridge in a Pear Tree Salt and Pepper shaker.  SO not me, hence the moment of weakness but I love it!  I’m secretly hoping they come out with a new one from the 12 Days of Christmas each year.


Pear (ha, pun intended) that with some holiday scents and we are feeling pretty cozy this season!

Homemade Coffee Creamer – Easiest Way Ever!!

I’ve posted before on making my own coffee creamers.  It’s easy and adds far fewer unpronounceable ingredients than the store bought kind.  For me, it’s also a little science experiment to try to figure out what tastes good.  Well on one of those Target shopping trips where you go in to get a few things and end up walking the whole store I stumbled upon two seasonable flavors of Eagle Sweetened condensed milk and immediately thought…coffee creamer!  The two flavors are apparently seasonal but having chocolate and caramel flavored sweetened condensed milk is a no brainer.  So here I bring you the easiest homemade coffee creamer ever!

IMG_20151129_161834389 (1)

  1. I added about a cup of my milk base of choice…I picked almond milk but you can add whatever you want or have available.  I usually make creamer with almond, soy or coconut milk because it has a longer shelf life than regular milk.
  2. I then added the 16 oz can of flavored sweetened condensed milk.  (pictured above I added the chocolate)
  3. I capped my bottle and shook for about 15 seconds until it was all mixed together.
  4. I tasted to check my desired flavor and I ended up adding a bit more milk but you can add as much or as little as you wish.
  5. I popped it in the fridge and I’m good to go for a few weeks now!
  6. Be sure to shake a bit before each use.

The bottle I use I ordered from Zulily about a year ago and it makes a perfect creamer bottle, the size is right, I can shake with no risk of leaking and the top comes all the way off so I don’t get those weird drips and make everything sticky.  I also found it on Amazon here.


*I have not been asked by anyone mentioned above to write nor was I compensated for this post…just sharing the love!

Surprise 70th Birthday Party – 50’s Diner Style

This past week my parents and my mom’s sister, brother and spouses have been gallivanting all over Lancaster County to celebrate my Aunt Carleen’s 70th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary.  It was my aunts idea to have them all meet up in Lancaster since it is sort of a central point for all of them coming from Ohio, New York and Mississippi.  My mom wanted to do something special so we decided to have them over for dinner at our apartment one night and throw a fun little surprise party….50’s Diner Style.

50's party

With a few weeks to plan, I ordered almost everything I needed on Amazon and did a simple diner menu.  Tim served as the line cook and I was the waitress.  Even Penny got into the spirit.

Party Supplies:

Cat Eye Glasses

Hair Twist for my Waitress Costume

Waitress Apron

Dog Costume

Car Prop 

Side Burns

Greaser Comb

Greaser Wig

50’s Wig Brunette

Red Wig

Blonde Wig

Poodle Skirt

Straw Fedora Hat

Soda Shop Wall Clings

Condiment Caddy

Hawaiian Shirts – My Dad brought them

Bobby Socks – Girls Dept in Target

Food Baskets – Target

Coke Glasses – Dollar Store


We had 50’s music playing and a World Series Baseball game from the 50’s playing on the TV…I think Tim found that on YouTube.  Once everyone arrived the guys went to one room to don their duds and the ladies to another.   After plenty of giggles and LOTS of photos they sat down in the ‘Diner’ to order.



I made the menu with a combination of Google images and Microsoft Publisher.  For the Guest Check I found an image on Google and enlarged it a bit.



Surprisingly, all the food came out sort of at the same time…good job line cook Tim! 🙂  After dinner and desserts we cleaned up a bit and had Aunt Carleen open gifts.  Nothing fancy we all just got her 70 of ‘something’ for the 70th birthday.  I took a jar and but 70 rocks in it and a candle and said ’70 Rocks!’.  Someone else gave her 70 Hershey Kisses.  Another gift was a frame with a penny with all the important dates in her life.  We also had her senior yearbook and enjoyed going through old photos and memories.

It was a great night with family I don’t see very often.



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