Enola Low Grade Rail Trail & Columbia Kettle Works


What a beautiful weather last weekend!!!  Last Saturday we were deciding how to best spend the day and decided to walk part of the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail and then head into Columbia, Lancaster County to try a new (to us) brewery.  Around 11am we arrived at the rail trail and began our walk.  It’s a great, flat walk along the Susquehanna River with the option to take the Turkey Hill Overlook Trail.  We decided to stay on the flat rail trail which was a 5 mile walk out to Safe Harbor Water Power Plant and a 5 mile walk back.

We were staving after the walk and our feet were starting to take a beating so we were excited to get back to the car to take a short drive to downtown Columbia to check out a brewery that has been on our list since we moved here.  Once at Columbia Kettle Works we both requested water while we thought about our beer selection…the bar tender never let our water glasses empty…we must have looked rough.  I ordered the Coffee Stout for my first beer and Tim had the Dunderhead.  As a huge stout fan I was surprised I liked the Dunderhead better.  I made that my second beer!  We also ate there and I ordered the Four Cheese Panini and we had an order of Hammond’s pretzels also.  Beer was great, food was amazing and the people were so nice!  Wish they had an outdoor eating area but they are only a year old.  I can’t wait to go back!


30 Day Weighted Fitness Challenge

Alright kids…time for another fitness challenge!  Starting today, my bestie and maybe my newly engaged sister are starting our newest challenge.

Check out what we accomplished last time:

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge…Who’s In

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update (March 22)

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update (March 26)

This time I added weights to our 6 exercises and structured it out a bit differently.  If you don’t have weights you can do most of the exercises without weights or modify using water bottles or soup cans.  Also added is a second page explaining each exercise.  You can find a printable version of this challenge here.


Please join us!  It’s a lot of fun and a great accomplishment to do something for 30 days.

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge continues and the struggles are becoming more real!  Today is Day 19 for me but it’s really the thought that tomorrow is Day 20, rest day, that is getting me through.  Planks and lunges are becoming the hardest but I have yet to miss a day!  My legs, for sure, feel a lot tighter and stronger.

Here are the previous posts on this challenge:

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update (March 22, 2015)

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge…Who’s In

My favorite part of this challenge hit me yesterday as an unexpected benefit.  My best friend, we are doing the challenge together, and I have been able to communicate every day.  One of our accountabilibuddy agreements was to message each other every day when we were done with the challenge.

We met and became fast friends one summer working at a North Carolina summer camp to make a little extra money since we were both in our first few years of teaching.  She is from a small town there and I was a Yankee transplant.  We have always been close but as our lives progressed we had to work at it more.  Since we met we both got married, she’s had two children, I’ve moved first to Maryland and now to Pennsylvania.  We are farther apart than ever in terms of distance but we’ve made it a priority to stay in touch.  Admittedly, I’ve not always been good at this but she has!  We’ve seen each other a few times in the past few years since I’ve reclaimed my Yankee status and I make it a point to visit her anytime I am in the area.

These past few weeks with the challenge have been awesome socializing with her daily, mostly via text.  We started with simple ‘I’m done!’ to using emojis to reliving our inside jokes and sending movie clips.  All of this just for a simple ‘hey, I’m done with the fitness challenge today’.  I love it!  Below are some of my favorite and more appropriate moments. 🙂

Girl Chat | www.livinginthesunlight.com

She received this clip from me the other day when I finished:

I have more up my sleeve…buahahahaha.

How do you stay in touch with your friends?  What works best for you?


30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge Update

Well, we are about half way though the 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge.  It’s Day 15…Rest Day…whew.  It’s getting harder and more time consuming, as it should.  I’ve really liked it and, yay me, haven’t missed a day yet.  I actually do feel as though I am getting stronger, especially in my stomach and legs.  As predicted, my general activity has increased as well with the nicer weather.

One sort of snag my best friend and I ran into is with the tracking of our food.  I have a FitBit and she has a FuelBand.  Both essentially do the same thing, however, MyFitnessPal does not sync her activity with the FuelBand like it does for me with the FitBit.  So we moved our tracking over to the app LoseIt since it will do both our devices.  I tried it, don’t care for it and I’m secretly back on MyFitnessPal.  It’s like my nice comfy pair of pajama pants that I don’t want to give up even though they are literally falling apart.  I just like MFP so much better!  My info and recipes are set up better there and the interface is easier.  I guess the important thing is that we are using one or the other.

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge |www.livinginthesunlight.com

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge…Who’s In?

Today starts the first day of my 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge.

I’ve felt pretty sluggish all winter and it shows!  My best friend in North Carolina and I were chatting that we need to step it up a bit.  She’s had two children in the past few years and well…I’ve just gotten lazy and have no excuse.  We both have a P.E. background and know what we need to do but think that having each other as ‘Accountabilibuddies’ will really help.

So here is our plan:

•Start the 30 Day Fitness Challenge we created that gets back to basics (click the link to print your own worksheet)

•Obviously this will take more time out of our day as we progress.  We are allowing ourselves to split the daily challenge up however we wish as long as we complete it all by the end of the day

•Log food and weight on MyFitnessPal (free) daily

•Participate in other exercise (which will come naturally with races we are training for and the time change and warmer weather will help)

•Check in with each other almost daily (which will probably result in a lot of friendly taunting 🙂 )

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge |www.livinginthesunlight.com


I just finished Day 1 and this will be a pretty challenging one!  So please feel free to join us and keep us updated on your progress!  We can all use more accountabilibuddies!  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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