Mount Hope BrewFest

This past weekend we had a great time going to the BrewFest in Mount Hope, Lancaster County.  Friends at work raved about this festival so we decided to join in the fun and get tickets for the second session of the day that went from 4:30pm – 8:30pm.  We’ve been to a few brew fests before and this was by far the best mostly due to the location at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair complex just north of Manheim, PA.


This location was awesome!  Parking was a breeze and since it’s set up more for the Renaissance Fair it was nice and spread out, lots of shade and sitting areas!  We were advised to head to the back of the park first and so that’s what we did and met friends soon after.  So many local breweries were represented and we sampled most in our cool little tasting glasses.  There were lines at the tasting tents but they moved quickly and all the breweries and fest goers were friendly and in great moods.  Another highlight was that food was included with our ticket price.  It wasn’t anything fancy but when you are at a beer fest food is key to soak up all the samples.  There was pizza, soup, buffalo chicken dip, brats, burgers and more all nice and spread out so you would hit different vendors as you walked around.


Enola Low Grade Rail Trail & Columbia Kettle Works


What a beautiful weather last weekend!!!  Last Saturday we were deciding how to best spend the day and decided to walk part of the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail and then head into Columbia, Lancaster County to try a new (to us) brewery.  Around 11am we arrived at the rail trail and began our walk.  It’s a great, flat walk along the Susquehanna River with the option to take the Turkey Hill Overlook Trail.  We decided to stay on the flat rail trail which was a 5 mile walk out to Safe Harbor Water Power Plant and a 5 mile walk back.

We were staving after the walk and our feet were starting to take a beating so we were excited to get back to the car to take a short drive to downtown Columbia to check out a brewery that has been on our list since we moved here.  Once at Columbia Kettle Works we both requested water while we thought about our beer selection…the bar tender never let our water glasses empty…we must have looked rough.  I ordered the Coffee Stout for my first beer and Tim had the Dunderhead.  As a huge stout fan I was surprised I liked the Dunderhead better.  I made that my second beer!  We also ate there and I ordered the Four Cheese Panini and we had an order of Hammond’s pretzels also.  Beer was great, food was amazing and the people were so nice!  Wish they had an outdoor eating area but they are only a year old.  I can’t wait to go back!


Girl Time – Lancaster County

Our girl time concluded last week with a day exploring Lancaster County.  The day before my mom, sister and I did The Hershey Spa, Chocolate World and the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre.   You can read more about that below:

Girl Time – Hershey Spa

Girl Time – Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

Our day started with a trip to Green Dragon Market, which is only open on Fridays.  My dad and Tim (hubs) joined us as well but we drove separately so they can ditch us later.  I’ve only been here once before and it’s a fun place to walk around.  It’s a farmers market/flea market.  I knew I wanted to get cheese spread from King’s Fresh Meats (next to the pickle stand).  Once we found this stand I purchased a tub of the jalapeno popper spread and cheddar horseradish.  My sister purchased an onion flavored spread.  This stuff is cheese spread crack and my sister can’t stop raving about it!  I wish I could find it at more places than Green Dragon!  The other thing I must always get at markets like this is fresh soft pretzels!!!  It’s one of my weaknesses and PA Dutch Country is where it’s at when it comes to soft pretzels!  Auntie Anne’s is headquartered in Lancaster but my favorite soft pretzels of all time are actually from Roots Market which is similar to Green Dragon but only open on Tuesdays.  Well needless to say we found the pretzels and then found a dry spot to sit down and enjoy them while they were still hot.


Did I mention my sister got engaged a few days before?

Once we were done with Green Dragon our plan was to head to Kitchen Kettle Village.  The boys decided to join us there too so we could eat lunch together and then they would take off.  I would consider Kitchen Kettle Village to be a part of the Amish touristy part of Lancaster County.  I had never been, since I’ve never really done a lot of the touristy stuff in Lancaster before and I’m trying to save a lot of it for when people come to visit us.


Our drive from Green Dragon to Kitchen Kettle was so pretty, if only the sun would have come out.

Once there we decided to eat lunch first at The Kling House Restaurant.  We timed that right!  Ton of people leaving when we got there and a ton a people waiting after we were seated.  It’s a cute old house and the food was great!  I got the vegetarian sandwich…yum.  After lunch the boys and girls parted ways (I think my dad was itching to go get his new smartphone).  My mom, sister and I walked in and out of the shops there.  We didn’t buy much but it’s a very cute area and you can easily spend a whole day there!  Around 3ish it looked like it might rain so we decided to leave and head towards the outlets…mostly to go to Reading China and Glass but we also ended up at the Loft Outlet too.  After a bit of retail therapy we went back home to meet the boys and enjoy dinner at Issac’s Deli.

In true fashion, my parent’s always have a lot of things they want us to help them with whenever we get together and they always happen at the last bit of time we have together.  So that night we taught my dad how to use his new smartphone, scanned a bunch of old newspaper articles for my mom, fixed her email address book, Tim did some other stuff on her laptop, etc.  In the morning we went out to breakfast and they took off back to Ohio and we took naps.

Girl Time – Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

Our girl time continued last week with a trip to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre.  I posted earlier about the beginning of my day with my mom and sister, who were visiting from Ohio.  You can read more about our Hershey Spa experience here.

Once we got back to Lancaster we had just enough time to catch our breath, change and get ready for our second big activity that day.  Soon after we got back my dad and hubs also returned after a day of hiking and looking at smart phones for my dad…yes he is getting his first ever smart phone, Lord help us all.  The last part of our day consisted of a little jaunt down the road to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre where they were putting on Funny Girl.  We’ve never been here before and didn’t really know what to expect.  Actually all this time driving by the place I actually thought it was the place next door, Loxley’s.  I also invited my mother in law to join us.  My parents and the hubs parents get along great!


When we got there I picked up our tickets at will call and we all hung around the lobby for about 10-15 minutes until the doors opened.  We were seated at our reserved table and when the waitress came around she took our drink order and we were directed to the buffet.  Now from the outside the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre doesn’t look like much and the inside is also pretty dated so I wasn’t expecting much but the food was REALLY good!  We all enjoyed everything we had and then dived into the dessert table…oh my…so many choices, it was great!


After dinner was the show, Funny Girl.  You stay at your table for the show and I didn’t think that sounded very comfortable but it totally worked with a little wriggling of your chair.  The theatre isn’t that big so I can’t imagine there is a bad seat in the house.  With the exception of a few songs, none of us really knew the musical Funny Girl and we are musical fans!  All we really knew was that Barbara Streisand played the lead in the movie back in the day.

The show was great!  The lead was fantastic and the story line was good.  It’s not a flashy new musical like so many are now a days.  It’s old school but so charming.  My sister and I kept saying we felt bad because we wanted to clap louder but the crowd didn’t really warrant that.  Definitely not a hoot and holler type of group, and my sister and I were probably the youngest there so…..  After the show we filed out, said our goodbyes and drove back home.  Exhausted we called it a day, the next day we were off again.

Whew…What a great last few days!

PicMonkey Collage

The past few days have been hectic in the best way possible!  My mom, dad and sister came to town on Wednesday – Saturday with a packed schedule of awesomeness, as usual.  My mom turned 60 in January and my sister and I planned a girl’s time together with her.  This time worked best for us all since the hubs and my sister were on spring break this past week and this worked well for my parents too.  I’ll write in more detail to share what we did later this week although you can probably tell based on the photo in this post. 🙂

The 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge also ended for me this past week.  I just created the next challenge and we’ll start that tomorrow…stay tuned.

The past day or so has just been chill, catching up on cleaning, laundry and sleep.  It’s so beautiful out, sun is shining, sliding glass door is open ushering in the fresh air.  Yay spring!


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