Mad Hatter Tea!


Almost two weeks ago we arrived in Ohio to wedding dress shop with my sister.  We decided to make the whole Friday a girls day, starting with Mad Hatter Tea!  This was actually our mother’s day gift to our mom.

She didn’t really know what we were up to until she arrived at my sister’s house and saw the little hats we were going to wear.  We ordered matching hats on Amazon.  They were $10 – $12 each and were so cute!  They stayed on really well with two clips on each end.

Our destination…Mad Hatter Tea theme at Sweet Shalom Tea Room in Sylvania, Ohio.  We arrived at a sweet Victorian home where we donned our hats and were seated by Alice in Wonderland at our reserved table (you do need to make reservations for the special events).


Mom at her first tea


How cute was this table setting!?!?  Our names were printed on playing cards, the tea sets were perfect and the rest of the house was so whimsical.  Our menu consisted of four courses and unlimited pots of tea.  Our first choice in tea was the Choco-Nut Blend, which remained my favorite.  We also tried a vanilla peach tea.  Then our first course was up, orange pinwheel scones.  Then a Mad Hatter Salad, which was like a slaw with crunchy ramen noodles…it was very tasty.  While waiting for our main course one of the owners read a few pages of the Alice in Wonderland book.


Next up was the main course.  A blend of little cucumber sandwiches, mac and cheese, veggies and dip, chicken salad and a few dessert selections.  We were amazingly full after all these tasty tiny bites.  How cute is the presentation!


A big surprise to us was when they announced a tie in the ‘best hat’ contest.  We didn’t even know there was such as thing, but we won!!  $5 each to come back another time…sweet!


Pinkies up!

There was actually one more course, a dessert!  We were feeling a bit full and felt a bit in a rush.  Holly had scheduled an appointment at a wedding dress place that afternoon.  So we told the ladies we were really enjoying ourselves but felt we needed to scoot to make the appointment on time.  While were we gathering our things they ended up packaging up our desserts for us to take on the road so we didn’t miss anything…how sweet!

This was such a special day and we all said we would love to return another time – when we aren’t in a hurry.  Both my mom and sister said they would love to take groups of friends there as well.  So if you can make it to the Sweet Shalom Tea House…take your time, it will be worth it.

Mission Trip – Edenton, NC

I’ve been a bit MIA the past few weeks.  I actually still feel like I’m recovering from the sun, lack of sleep and overall exhaustion…but it was worth it!  Between a mission trip, conference and family visiting it’s been quite a few weeks.  To add to that I didn’t have internet part of the time, just my smart phone, and it was a nice break!


A few weeks ago I participated in a mission trip with most of my family and other people from a few different churches close to my parents in Ohio.  I went down to North Carolina a few days early to hang with my bestie, Teri, her husband and two little ones.  I arrived in time for a late dinner and to read to the kiddos before bed.  The next morning we were up early to walk the Raleigh Race for the Cure.  I swore I would never do that event in Raleigh again because it is so crowded you can hardly move but this was great!  You always park at the stadium and get bused to Meredith College.  All super smooth and they even had special buses for stroller people like us.IMG_20150616_163347412

Later that evening I met up with the mission group outside of Edenton, NC for dinner and to start our adventure.  We stayed at the Edenton Baptist Church, which was fantastic.  The thing you never know on trips like this is what your living conditions will be like for the week.  I don’t think this could have been better.  It’s a huge church and the ladies slept in their gym and the boys in a Sunday school room.  The gym also had two bathrooms which both had showers…perfect!!IMG_20150614_161838815

The next day we all went to church there, had lunch in Elizabeth City as a group, explored the work site and gathered groceries and supplies for the week.  We also had a chance to explore Edenton which is a super cute, historial southern town on the water.20405_10206851166908583_6115777439459074474_n

On Monday, we were up early for breakfast and headed to the job site.  We were warned that Monday’s can be slow as we may be waiting for building supplies and direction.  It was clear that our main task would be putting wood siding on one new house and paint the inside of the other new house next door.  I started in on the siding, as did most of us, until the paint arrived and some migrated that way.  1424423_10206859454755774_2419109515512374111_n

Our jobs quickly morphed into what we were managing pretty well on our own.  I spent the rest of the week cutting and nailing wood siding on the house.  Some went to the house next door to paint the entire inside.   It was about 90-100 degrees all week so we were up very early to get to work before the heat really set in and then left late afternoon to shower and eat.


One of the nights we had a dinner and bible study with the people at the church we were staying at.  Another night we drove about an hour to the Outer Banks!!  Had dinner there and walked the beach.  One of the ladies with us had never seen the ocean so it was great to experience that with her.


Everyday those that lived in the neighborhood stopped by to chat and check up on things.  I was happy that the owner of the soon to be done new house stopped by at the end of our last day to chat.  He says he stops every day after work but because of the heat we were usually gone by the time he got there.

I am looking forward to doing a trip like this again.  You never know what type of situations you’ll get yourself into so it’s always a surprise.


Hubs Birthday Weekend…

About a week ago was Tim’s 40…*cough … something birthday.  We tend not to make a big deal out of birthday’s and holiday’s but it’s nice to do something special for each other during that time.  So on Saturday we had some errands to run so I decided to surprise him and take him to a Lancaster brewery he’s been dying to try…Wacker Brewing Company.  The story behind this place is pretty cool.  It’s an older brewery dating back to the 1800’s that closed 55 years ago only to reopen a few months ago.  They don’t try to do anything fancy, just make good beer in a cool old warehouse.


Can you tell which beer was mine?  🙂  We had a few pints, got a soft pretzel and hung out by an open window to enjoy the breeze.  They will start to have live music soon on some week nights, have a dart board area and it’s attached to the Thistle Finch Distillery.  Just a chill place.  As we were settling our tab I also bought Tim a t-shirt.IMG_20150530_174921971

Do check out their website a head of time since they do keep some different hours and as of right now aren’t open on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

On Sunday, Tim’s actually birthday, we made plans to meet up with friends in Gettysburg.  It’s a good half way meeting point for us in an area that has tons to do.  We gathered around lunch time at Appalachian Brewing Company and then made our way downtown.  We love Appalachian Brewing and have a location closer to us in Lititz.  The food is always good, beer is good and atmosphere is fun.


Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day out there to all the amazing female role models in my life!

Race for the Cure…Ocean City Style

IMG_0116.JPGA few weekends ago we were able to spend our first weekend of the season at the beach.  April is a tad early for beach time but when one of my best friends in Maryland, Alisa, said we should do the Race for the Cure in Ocean City…we couldn’t pass that up.  Alisa and I  worked together and became fast friends and she was actually diagnosed with breast cancer a few days before I started.  We decided to make it a couples weekend and at the last minute tacked on her two girls, which is great!

It was a great weekend because of company and weather.  Friday after work we left for Bethany Beach, DE, which is where we spend our beach time since my in-laws have a house there.  It’s about 3.5 hours away from where we live in Lancaster, PA.  We got in town at about 9:30 and walked downtown to grab some dinner.  In the ‘off season’ the pickings are slim and we ended up at Mango’s and were only able to sit at the bar and get drinks and bar food…fine by us.  I enjoyed nachos and the hubs had chicken wings.  Our friends arrived later that night after soccer practice.

The next morning we woke and headed to Ocean City to pick up our race packets and head to one of favorite places…The Seaside Country Store in Fenwick, DE for their cheese spread.  It was a beautiful day we were eager to get back to the house, grab lunch and get on the beach.  We all agreed lunch should be take out at Casapulla’s and the boys went to grab the grub.  Once they got back we ate and walked to the beach.  Earlier in the day were weren’t sure if it would be a good beach day if it wasn’t warm enough or windy but it was PERFECT!!!  Blankets and chairs in tow we ended up being able to wear swimsuits and cover ups and all got a healthy glow from the sun.

The great thing about the off season is that dogs are allowed on the beach and Penny loves it.  She isn’t much for the water but loves to warm in the sun.  My friends daughters are both really good photographers so we did a Penny photo shoot.  As you see our usually unphotogenic dog took a pretty good ‘selfie’. 

That night we were feeling our fill of sun and sand and decided to walk downtown for dinner.  We all agreed Grotto pizza would satisfy everyone.  Early to bed, we had an early morning ahead.

Sunday was the Ocean City Race for the Cure.    We were up early so we could make it on time for the survivor activities since Alisa is a survivor of two years.  We made it to the boardwalk of Ocean City in record time.  During the summer it could take almost an hour with all the lights and people but it took us about 20 minutes and parking was a breeze.  At the Race for the Cure there was a survivor’s tent with raffles and food and survivors walk.  We took part and then had about an hour still until the 5K.  We were all freezing and the wind was blowing pretty good so we decided to go warm up in the car for a little while.  About 20 minutes before the start of the race we emerged and were ready to go.


It was a great run…flat on the boardwalk and next to the ocean.  What could be better.  We all said the we’ve done other Race for the Cures and this one was by far the best because of location and because it was comfortable not overcrowded.

Once back to the beach house the four girls walked downtown to visit some of the shops that were open and the boys started laundry and probably took naps.  We lunched on leftovers, cleaned up a bit and soon our great weekend together was over.


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