What I’m Loving Today! #7

It’s been awhile, but I’m excited to share with you what I’m loving today – #7!

1. Caulking the molding!

This sounds so silly but it makes such a huge difference and really makes everything look so clean and perfect!  I used a paintable, white, silicone caulk between the molding and wall.  Really brings it all together and can help hide painting imperfections.

What I'm Loving Today - Caulking the molding

2. Baseball Season!

It’s here!  It’s my favorite sport to watch not to mention is the one with the cutest athletes!  I love the sport, the food, the atmosphere.  We attended the Lancaster Barnstormers home opener a few weeks ago.

What I'm Loving Today - Barnstormers Home Opener

3. Kreg Jig K5

This is kind of my new obsession!  If you’ve ever scoured Pinterest for DIY home stuff I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon projects that highly recommend this tool.  I finally bit the bullet, bought it off Amazon, have ZERO regrets.  I have four big projects going on right now that I’ll share when I’m done.  All inspired by my three main DIY lady crushes – Ana White and the Shanty2Chic sisters!  If you go for it – I also highly recommend getting these clamps and this giant set of pocket hole screws!  They also have cheaper Kreg Jigs available but I needed some of the features that came with this one!

What I'm Loving Today - Kreg Jig K5

4. My husband

I know cheesy!  I’m not a mushy, super affectionate person but this picture makes me laugh.  Last weekend one of the houses across the street had an estate auction.  We didn’t quite know what that meant until Saturday morning when our neighborhood was packed with cars and the auction went from 8:00am – 4:30pm.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I went over a few times, got lunch at the food truck, listened to the auctioneer while working in the garage.  Tim, however, was over there pretty much all day!  He was so excited for this $4 purchase!  Thankfully that is all he came home with!

What I'm Loving Today - $4 wheelbarrow!


So what are you loving today?  Feel free to comment below and check out past posts about What I’m Loving Today.

Have a great weekend everyone!

What I’m Loving Today! #6

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with the What I’m Loving Today – #6!

1. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Creme Cleanser

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - NeutrogenaIn looking to simplify and be more ‘natural’ I stumbled upon this cleanser.  Now I know there are way more ‘natural’ things I could wash my face with but I’m really digging this stuff.  My face feels clean and it smells AMAZING!!  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

I’ve been pairing it with a charcoal natural facial cleansing sponge I bought from Birchbox.  I didn’t see it on that website anymore but I found something similar here.





2. This Instagram Account

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Fit GirlsA friend recently introduced me to this FitGirls Instagram account and it looks really fun and super motivating!  My friend has been following the #28dayjumpstart with great success and I’ll probably jump on board here eventually.  What’s stopping me?  Honestly, I have no idea…time to give myself a pep talk!



3. This weather!

I mean seriously, look at that!!!  Nice weather makes me instantly happier and more active.

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - The Weather

4. The BEST soft pretzels ever!

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Soft Pretzels!The BEST soft pretzels, in my opinion, come from Norm’s Pretzels at Root’s Market in Lancaster County.  The are perfectly salted and flavorful, no butter or dipping sauce needed.  Did I mention they are dirt cheap too?  I also love that they ask if you want them warm or not…warm if you are going to eat it right away (and I am!) or not if you are going to take them home and warm them up yourself.  Root’s is only open on Tuesday’s, so plan accordingly!





Well that concludes this post on What I’m Loving Today – #6!  Check out my other What I’m Loving Today posts and feel free to comment below and join in the fun!  Have a great weekend everyone!

What I’m Loving Today! #5

I just worked on planning out my summer calendar, both personal and professional…I love to maximize vacation days.  🙂  I’m always excited at summer time.  Even though I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not a K-12 teacher anymore with summers off, I still feel like this is when I’m supposed to (and want to) take most of my vacation.  It just feels right.

On to what I’m loving today…

1. Beach Season!

I am such a beach bum and have always been a water baby.  We spend a lot of time in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  My in-laws have a house there, Tim and I fell in love there, we got married there, part of the reason we moved back north is to spend more time there.  It’s a special place to us.  Super family friendly, very safe, cute and active little downtown.  We were there over Memorial Weekend and had a great time as usual.  Memorial Weekend tends to be a time we have a lot of chores to do to get the house ready for the season.  We plant flowers, put the screened in porch together, etc.  I like this little antique shop a few blocks away and snapped this photo of a piece of art someone did…pretty much sums up the town.


2. Rhino Fries

There is a little local place in Elizabethtown, PA that we’ve been wanting to try called T.J. Rockwell’s.  Last Friday, before Memorial Weekend, we only had a half day of work so some co-workers and I decided to go there for lunch and drinks.  They had been before but this was my first time there.  It’s a HUGE place with most of the seating being in this cool outdoor tiki like area.  Doesn’t look like much from the road but it’s pretty massive once inside.  We ordered an appetizer called ‘Rhino Fries’ for us to share.  First of all it’s also huge!  Second thing, my co-workers are awesome and ordered it with the bacon on the side because they know that wouldn’t fly with me.  It looks like normal cheese fries with a ranch dipping sauce but it’s so good!  Fries are crispy and cooked perfectly, the cheese is melted just right and wait what was that…cheese wiz under the normal cheese…heaven. 🙂  I also ordered the veggie burger, which was tasty, but had to take most of it home…Rhino fries did me in.

Yesterday, Tim had a school field trip to Hershey Park so we decided to go there for dinner because it is out in that direction and because I kept talking about this place.  We met there around 5:30 and ordered drinks and Rhino fries and had no problem finishing it, just the two of us.  We both also ordered entrees, mine a crab Caesar salad, which was also great but again I had to take most of it home.   Tim is now also in love with the fries but the fries might not love him back since he complained about how full he was the rest of the night.


3. Arbonne Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution

If you are familiar with Arbonne, this is a new product line called Genius.  My best friend in NC sells Arbonne and I decided to try the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution.  I’ve used different products from them a few times before and I never really notice much difference and they ARE expensive.  What I guess might be worth the price is that these products are much better for you in terms of quality, being natural and chemical free.  This product feels different to me though.  I’ve been using the pads now for a few weeks and I am starting to see a difference!  I think my freckles (which are really probably age spots and sun damage) are starting to fade and my naturally oily skin seems to be more balanced.  The packaging is a bit odd because the pads come dry with a bottle of the solution and you are just supposed to pour the entire bottle of solution over the pads anyway.  The pads are a normal size and I, after the recommendation of my friend, cut them in half to make the expensive product last longer.  Half a pad is all I need to go over my face a few time and I usually hit my neck and chest as well.



So what are you loving today?

What I’m Loving Today! #4

It’s Good Friday!  So no work for the hubs and I.  It’s finally warmish out but rainy…but I’ll take it!  It should be cleared up later enough to get some quality outside time.  Here is what I’m Loving Today…


We were excited to have a visit this week from my uncle in New York.  He travels a lot for business and happened to be in the area.  He came over Tuesday afternoon and once the hubs got home from work we went out to ‘show him the town’. 🙂  With lots to choose from we decided to head to Lancaster Brewing Company for dinner and drinks.  If you’ve never been here it’s a must if you are in Lancaster County.  It’s a cool old warehouse atmosphere and the food and drinks are always great!  Tuesday night was perfect because it wasn’t as busy as it is on the weekend.  I had the Double Chocolate Milk Stout (which I’ve been excited to try) and the Blackbean Burger.  That burger is SO good and spicy…just the way I like it!  If you are going to have the beer sampler bring a DD…this is what we always did our first few times there…aren’t in-laws great?

beer picAfter dinner we headed to the Spring House Brewery Taproom, downtown Lancaster.  We love this place and continue to be drawn to it.  They have one of my favorite beers, Big Gruesome which is a Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.  Even better if we can eat there but we didn’t this time.  We all had another beer, chatted and caught up and then headed back to the apartment.  It was a short visit but great to see him!  The main reason we moved back north was to spend more time with family and it’s working!


This week I finally made the beer bread mix I bought at a Tastefully Simple party.  I had actually never heard of Tastefully Simple until a coworker told me about it and made this bread!  It is so good and so easy, hence the name.  You buy the bread mix and just add beer, butter and bake.  That’s it.

beer bread

For dinner we also made Healthy Crock Pot Jalapeno, Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup from KraftedKoch.  Of course I substituted Quorn Chik’n Tenders for the chicken.  This is the second time we’ve made this and it’s so good every time.


Tis the season!  Easter is almost here and I love Cadbury Creme Eggs!  Growing up we would always get two in our Easter baskets along with other goodies via our church fundraiser from Henry’s candies in Alden, NY.  Usually an invisible ink book too…yeah!  Cadbury Creme Eggs were always a hot commodity for trade in our household and I may or may not have stolen one or two from my parents Easter basket over the years…shhhhh.  Now they are so easy to find and available pretty much all year round because they came out with Halloween ones too.  It definitely makes it a tad less special but none the less I love them and I know when my parents visit next week my mom will bring me a few.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

I think making butter creme eggs at Easter is apparently a thing around Central PA.  I have never heard of people making these before but at work so many people were talking about this tradition and even groups at school were selling them as a fundraiser.  I am assuming it’s similar to a Cadbury Creme Egg but not sure…I was promised a few so I can find out. 🙂

4. SPRING!!!

Yay!  Signs of spring are all around.  April showers bring May flowers and I’ve spotted a few!


What are your favorite Easter basket memories?

What I’m Loving Today! #3

Spring is here but it doesn’t quite yet feel like spring.  The weather keeps toying with me.   Wednesday it was 40ish, yesterday was around 65 but rainy then back in the high 30’s through Saturday.  I don’t get sick often (knock on wood) but when the weather does this type of yo yo-ing it can really do a number on me.  So I am sucking up tea today to ward off any buggers that try to invade me.  This leads me to my first item on my list this week…


I am lucky to have a cute coffee and snack bar in my building at work.  It’s run through the college dining service but it comes in so handy!  It also helps that the two ladies that work there are so sweet and it’s fun to go up and chit chat in the morning with them once the students have gone to class.  It’s not a daily visit but one that brightens your mood.  They have good coffee but I’ve only had that a few times since I usually have my daily coffee brewed at home and drink it on the way to work.  What I really love is the tea!  They have Mighty Leaf tea and I particularly like the Bombay Chai with a packet of honey and skim milk.  And yes I do like to drink my coffee and tea through the stir stick straw. 🙂

Mighty Leaf Tea  - I love the Bombay Chai |www.livinginthesunlight.com


I’ve really been craving shrimp lately.  The other day I went to a really nice grocery store in our area and bought ‘de-veined’, frozen, uncooked, medium size shrimp because I was going to make Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos!!  Ton of recipes on Pinterest but I settled on this one from Cooking Cowgirl.  Now I am not a picky eater except I don’t eat meat because the texture has always grossed me out.  I do eat seafood and enjoy shellfish especially.  I must admit, when I buy shrimp I usually buy the cooked stuff but this was my first time working with uncooked ones.  I defrosted them, they were de-veined but there was this gross other vein on the underbelly curled inside of each shrimp…grosssssssssss!  So I spent a decent amount of time (and paper towels) getting that vein out too.  From there I followed the recipe from Cooking Cowgirl for making the Bang Bang Shrimp and then we made tacos with Greek pitas, sour cream, green onions, avocado, lime wedges and slaw mix.  Sooooo good!!!  And there was enough for lunch the next day!  We will have this recipe again but I might pawn off the cleaning of the shrimp to the hubs.

#Success … Bang Bang Shrimp Taco Dinner … w/ @trasich

A photo posted by Kelly Miller (@kellymedu) on


I leave for work pretty early in the morning.  With the time change I have been able to witness some amazing sunsets on my country road commute through Lancaster County!  It’s so beautiful and I now wish I had a better camera to capture them all.  There is one particular turn I take that I think is one of the prettiest spots in the whole county, no matter the weather.  It’s the type of turn I always feel like there should be beautiful music playing in the background.  The photo below is not of that turn but my view before I leave for work since it probably isn’t the safest thing for me to take pics while driving.

Good morning #lancastercounty A photo posted by Kelly Miller (@kellymedu) on


I love the Pistachio Muffins from Weis Markets!  They usually come in a four pack of giant muffins or in a mix pack.  Rarely can you find just one on the shelf.  They are amazing and I’ve hooked so many people on them.  If you like pistachios, especially the taste of pistachio pudding, you will love these!!

Last week I brought in the four pack and shared with my coworkers, two of which had never had them before.  They loved them!  #Score

Pistachio Muffins  - Amazing from Weis Markets |www.livinginthesunlight.com


Sadly I’ve just realized that most of my list this week is food related…not sure how I feel about that 🙂  So what are your favorite things this week?

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