Father’s Day ideas for the man who has everything!

As we’ve grown older our family has focused less on giving gifts but more on giving experiences or doing something together.  It means more to all of us and is way less stressful.  When we were younger we did need some things, whether we were in college, starting out on our own etc.  Now we are all grown, married, have everything we need.  None of us need more stuff what we all want is more time together.

So with Father’s Day right around the corner, what are some ideas for the dad in your life who has everything…or at least doesn’t need anything? 🙂


  1. Golf Trunk Organizer – This organizer holds all their golf stuff – shoes, gloves, tees, sunscreen, extra clothes and golfing accessories.  Would make it super easy to grab and go play 18 holes.  Pair this with a gift card to their favorite course and you are good to go!
  2. Yard Yahtzee! – This is an awesome Father’s Day gift.  Simple game, now a lawn game!  You can find many different versions of this on Amazon – or go help a small business and buy on Etsy!Yard Yahtzee
  3. Adventure Outing – Depending on the type of dad you have, check out a site like Groupon, Living Social or a local events website for great deals on things to do.  In my local area of Lancaster, PA there are a ton of deals for breweries, boat rides, paintball, cave tours, comedy shows, etc.  Dad doesn’t need to know you got a deal!
  4. Beer Tote – I’ve purchased one of these on Etsy and they are great!  Fill it with your dad’s favorite beer or soda bottles and he’ll be one happy man!  I highly recommend finding one that also has a bottle opener attached to it.  If your dad is more of a wine guy you can also get it for wine bottles.Beer Tote
  5. Just do something together – Low on cash or just want to keep it simple?  Just do something together!  Make him a cute car wash kit paired with his favorite beverage and wash his car for him or together.  Take in movie.  Go get yogurt (one of my dad’s personal favs!)  Dad’s don’t care about the money you spent they really want your time and your thoughtfulness.
Well that is my quick list folks!  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime right?


So how are you spending your Father’s Day weekend?  I’ll get to spend time with my dad at one of our favorite places…Keuka Lake!

On the Struggle Bus

This time of year always gets me.  My teacher friends and family are winding down the school year.  They have something to look forward to…summer vacation.  Something to plan for…a start of a fresh new school year.  I’m jealous, sad I left, yet not, but I am.  I’ve toyed with the idea of renewing my teaching license in PA.  I might…options are good right?  Then I think of how hard it is to get a teaching job in Pennsylvania.  My husband has been trying for two years without any luck.  It’s been raining all week.  I’ve had zero motivation at work.  Our house hunt isn’t going great…why are we buying a house again?  C’est la vie.

Then I get this email from one of my college students mother’s:



All better! 🙂  Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!


What I’m Loving Today! #6

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with the What I’m Loving Today – #6!

1. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Creme Cleanser

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - NeutrogenaIn looking to simplify and be more ‘natural’ I stumbled upon this cleanser.  Now I know there are way more ‘natural’ things I could wash my face with but I’m really digging this stuff.  My face feels clean and it smells AMAZING!!  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

I’ve been pairing it with a charcoal natural facial cleansing sponge I bought from Birchbox.  I didn’t see it on that website anymore but I found something similar here.





2. This Instagram Account

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Fit GirlsA friend recently introduced me to this FitGirls Instagram account and it looks really fun and super motivating!  My friend has been following the #28dayjumpstart with great success and I’ll probably jump on board here eventually.  What’s stopping me?  Honestly, I have no idea…time to give myself a pep talk!



3. This weather!

I mean seriously, look at that!!!  Nice weather makes me instantly happier and more active.

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - The Weather

4. The BEST soft pretzels ever!

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Soft Pretzels!The BEST soft pretzels, in my opinion, come from Norm’s Pretzels at Root’s Market in Lancaster County.  The are perfectly salted and flavorful, no butter or dipping sauce needed.  Did I mention they are dirt cheap too?  I also love that they ask if you want them warm or not…warm if you are going to eat it right away (and I am!) or not if you are going to take them home and warm them up yourself.  Root’s is only open on Tuesday’s, so plan accordingly!





Well that concludes this post on What I’m Loving Today – #6!  Check out my other What I’m Loving Today posts and feel free to comment below and join in the fun!  Have a great weekend everyone!

First Meal Delivery Box Experience

About a month ago I was looking for an idea to gift my mom for her birthday.  Our family has definitely shifted from giving gifts to giving experiences.  None of us really need anything so we all agree we would rather do something together or experience something.  So for her birthday I decided to give a gift card to Blue Apron.  I had never personally tried Blue Apron but recently some of my favorite bloggers were posting great things about them.

Gifting was easy!  Just filled out the form and how much to give (options are one, two or four weeks worth), I opted for one week which included three meals for two people.  An email was sent to her and my technologically challenged mother had no trouble signing up and selecting her meals.  A few week later my parents were enjoying some new recipes!

My mom said she needed to wear a 'blue apron' ...oh mom!

My mom said she needed to wear a ‘blue apron’ …oh mom!

After ordering her gift I really wanted to try it too!  I had a $20 off coupon code so we gave it a try!  A few weeks later our first box arrived.

I’m a vegetarian so in our box were the recipes for:

• Fontina & Preserved Lemon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Endive, Clementine & Mint Salad

Vegetable Bibimbap & Kimchi with Enoki Mushrooms & Roasted Turnip

Roasted Butternut Squash with Stewed White Beans, Brussels Sprouts & Gremolata

Love how everything was packaged! So cute with the exact amount.

Love how everything was packaged! So cute with the exact amount.


Everything was great!  My favorite was the Bibimbap and Tim loved the Grilled Cheese!  It was really fun to make these new recipes.  With our order we did have to sign up for a subscription but you can skip deliveries whenever you want with no penalty so at this time this is the only delivery we’ve had.  We would love to do it again in the future but it is a tad expensive.  I can see it being really helpful if you are just coming back from vacation or for a special occasion.


We would definitely order for ourselves again and even more likely to gift it to others in the future!

*I have not been asked by Blue Apron to write nor was I compensated for this post…just sharing the love!

It’s Fasnacht Day!!!

You might be thinking…what is a Fasnacht?  That was me, a little over a year ago.

Now that I’ve entered my second Fasnacht season I feel like a pro!  I’m now the one telling people new to the area all about them.  I’m feeling like a, dare I say, local?!?!?

So what is a Fasnacht, Faschnacht, Fosnot, Fosnaught, or Fausnaught?  Well it might just be one of the yummiest, once a year treats around the Lancaster County area!


Upon quick glance it’s a donut.  But not just any donut…a special one, a fasnacht.  It’s denser and creamier tasting – often due to the mashed potatoes that are added.  It only comes around the beginning of lent.  The official day is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – or Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Carnivale.

Being this is a Pennsylvania Dutch area the tradition lives!  It’s a time to use up the oil, butter, lard, and sugar in the home to prepare for a Lenten season.  Many of the churches and local grocery stores in the area sell them.  Some only today, Fasnacht day!

Want to learn more?  This Nearpod lesson I made for my students and faculty gives a fun overview.