50+ Free Magazines each Month with Amazon Prime

Summer is my time to catch up on my reading list.  Something about sitting on the beach or on a porch that makes it all I want to do.  One of my favorite reading go to’s is the free magazines each month on Amazon Prime.  Did you know it did that?

amazon prime

If you are one of the few people left on earth that either doesn’t know what an Amazon Prime Membership is or its benefits you can read more here.  I, personally, see so much value in it’s membership from the free shipping on items to the streaming music, prime videos,books and so much more.  If you are a student the membership is usually at a really big discount!

So back to the free magazines!  I’ve always really liked magazines.  I enjoy the casual writing style, visuals and the fact that I can knock it out in one sitting.  Sometimes I get annoyed when my Dr. calls me in too early and I didn’t get enough time in the waiting room with the latest edition of Good Housekeeping or People.  However, I don’t personally subscribe to any magazines currently and I think part of that is due to the fact I’m not sure I would read them all year round and I don’t like clutter!  Amazon Prime to the rescue!!

Amazon Prime allows you to add a bunch of free magazines to your Kindle app each month.  Pick and choose the ones you want and with a few clicks send it to the device you want to read on.  You are only allowed ten magazines at a time so if there are more you want to check out you just read a few, delete them, and snag some more!  You do need the FREE Kindle app to read on and you can get it on any device!

Check out the selections for this month (August 2017)

Amazon Prime Free Magazines


Pretty awesome right!  It is totally free, they don’t charge you for the next month or bother you about subscribing or anything.  It’s so perfect for travel and even reading without an internet connection.  Just be sure to download your magazines to your app first then you can read without a connection.  No commitment, no clutter – I love it!

P.S. They have a lot of books that work the same way!!!  Enjoy!

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