What I’m Loving Today! #5

I just worked on planning out my summer calendar, both personal and professional…I love to maximize vacation days. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m always excited at summer time. ¬†Even though I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not a K-12 teacher anymore with summers off, I still feel like this is when I’m supposed to (and want to) take most of my vacation. ¬†It just feels right.

On to what I’m loving today…

1. Beach Season!

I am such a beach bum and have always been a water baby. ¬†We spend a lot of time in Bethany Beach, Delaware. ¬†My in-laws have a house there, Tim and I fell in love there, we got married there, part of the reason we moved back north is to spend more time there. ¬†It’s a special place to us. ¬†Super family friendly, very safe, cute and active little downtown. ¬†We were there over Memorial Weekend and had a great time as usual. ¬†Memorial Weekend tends to be a time we have a lot of chores to do to get the house ready for the season. ¬†We plant flowers, put the screened in porch together, etc. ¬†I like this little antique shop a few blocks away and snapped this photo of a piece of art someone did…pretty much sums up the town.


2. Rhino Fries

There is a little local place in Elizabethtown, PA that we’ve been wanting to try called T.J. Rockwell’s. ¬†Last Friday, before Memorial Weekend, we only had a half day of work so some co-workers and I decided to go there for lunch and drinks. ¬†They had been before but this was my first time there. ¬†It’s a HUGE place with most of the seating being in this cool outdoor tiki like area. ¬†Doesn’t look like much from the road but it’s pretty massive once inside. ¬†We ordered an appetizer called ‘Rhino Fries’ for us to share. ¬†First of all it’s also huge! ¬†Second thing, my co-workers are awesome and ordered it with the bacon on the side because they know that wouldn’t fly with me. ¬†It looks like normal cheese fries with a ranch dipping sauce but it’s so good! ¬†Fries are crispy and cooked perfectly, the cheese is melted just right and wait what was that…cheese wiz under the normal cheese…heaven. ūüôā ¬†I also ordered the veggie burger, which was tasty, but had to take most of it home…Rhino fries did me in.

Yesterday, Tim had a school field trip to Hershey Park so we decided to go there for dinner because it is out in that direction and because I kept talking about this place.  We met there around 5:30 and ordered drinks and Rhino fries and had no problem finishing it, just the two of us.  We both also ordered entrees, mine a crab Caesar salad, which was also great but again I had to take most of it home.   Tim is now also in love with the fries but the fries might not love him back since he complained about how full he was the rest of the night.


3. Arbonne Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution

If you are familiar with Arbonne, this is a new product line called Genius. ¬†My best friend in NC sells Arbonne and I decided to try the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution. ¬†I’ve used different products from them a few times before and I never really notice much difference and they ARE expensive. ¬†What I guess might be worth the price is that these products are much better for you in terms of quality, being natural and chemical free. ¬†This product feels different to me though. ¬†I’ve been using the pads now for a few weeks and I am starting to see a difference! ¬†I think my freckles (which are really probably age spots and sun damage) are starting to fade and my naturally oily skin seems to be more balanced. ¬†The packaging is a bit odd because the pads come dry with a bottle of the solution and you are just supposed to pour the entire bottle of solution over the pads anyway. ¬†The pads are a normal size and I, after the recommendation of my friend, cut them in half to make the expensive product last longer. ¬†Half a pad is all I need to go over my face a few time and I usually hit my neck and chest as well.



So what are you loving today?

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