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I feel as though I’m a late bloomer to blogging…not only as a wanna be blogger but as a blog follower.  I’ve been very aware of them for years and would often stumble upon them, usually via social media or Pinterest but it’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve really started to develop blog crushes.

So what’s a blog crush?  A blogger or blog that you really identify with and check on almost a daily basis for updates.  You trust what they post and you feel as though you could be great friends with them in person.

Initially, I would save their blog homepage on my Chrome browser…so 2012 right?!?  I know!  Even though it would be in front of my face I would really only check out these home pages a few times a month and ultimately miss out on something or not develop a connection.


About 7 or 8 months ago I was browsing through the Apple App Store and recommended to me was a free app called Bloglovin’.  I checked it out on my iPad and was hooked.  It was just what I needed to keep up to date on my favorite bloggers.  It’s also helped me discover new blog crushes along the way.  It’s an app I check daily on my iPad and sometimes on my smart phone.  I look forward to it, almost like a daily treat at the end of a long workday to unwind and check in on what’s happening with my Blog Crushes.

So here is my top 5 list of current Blog Crushes I follow via Bloglovin’.

  1. Peanut Butter Fingers – Lifestyle blog focusing on health and fitness and being a first time mom.  This was one of the blogs I had bookmarked on my browser.  She is so positive and cute and I feel a connection with Julie because we are in similar places in life and enjoy many of the same things.  Probably my all time favorite blogger.
  2. The Small Things Blog – Lifestyle blog with a focus on beauty.  I first saw Kate all over Pinterest with her awesome hair tutorials.  She has many more wonderful posts than that to share and is really worth following.
  3. One Good Thing By Jillee – Lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY and cleaner living.  You might recognize this blog from Pinterest as well.  This blog interests me and makes me want to be better at making my own cleaning products vs. buying them with all the chemicals….I’m getting there Jillee!
  4. Live Simply – Lifestyle blog I discovered via Bloglovin’.   As the title suggests, Live Simply does a great job at getting me to try homemade remedies and has amazing recipes.
  5. Wonder Forest – Lifestyle blog with a focus on teaching you how to blog.  Dana is always a head of the trend when it comes to blogging.  She is creative and so knowledgeable.  I love her vulnerability and honesty.

Honorable Mention: Magnolia Homes – because come on who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna Gaines!  This blog is actually great because it isn’t HGTV.  It is them and behind the scenes of their show, their other businesses and day to day life.  It’s beautiful.

Feel free to recommend others you think I might be interested in!  If you are a Bloglovin’ user you can find me on there as well!


bloglovinSo I am a little bit of a late bloomer to the blog world both as a follower of blogs and a blogger.  I’ve always liked blogs but never followed anyone religiously.  I think what changed that for me is Pinterest.  As I started pinning things I would notice the same few people (bloggers) would always be popping up doing and writing about things I was also really interested in.  A few of the first people I started following were those that do hair tutorials since I was no longer teaching PE I should probably do something else besides a pony tail with my long hair.  That morphed into more lifestyle blogs and people I really felt connected to and admired and inspired me to start my own blog!

While Pinterest is great for finding new people it still isn’t a great platform, for me, in terms of following the daily ins and outs of actual blogs.  So for the past few years I would start bookmarking blogs I liked on my web browser.  About a month ago I ventured into the App Store on my iPad and featured was the app Bloglovin.  I downloaded it (free) and LOVE IT!  It’s finally the answer to my disorganized blogtastrophy.  I follow my usual blogs, find new ones and they are all threaded there for me in one neat package.  I use it mostly through the app on my iPad but the web version is great as well.  FINALLY I feel so ‘in the know’ and up to date with my blog friends.

Living In The Sunlight

And in case you are interested, here are some of my favorite blogs I follow:

Peanut Butter Fingers (my fav and now she is preggo, super cutes, excited to follow her journey)

Pink Pistachio (beautiful blog)

HopefulHoney (for my crafty side, and it’s a lifestyle blog)

TheSmallThingsBlog (she is all over Pinterest with her hair tutorials but her lifestyle blog is great!)

kayleymelissa (hair tutorials….I’ve learned SO much from her)

TwistMePretty (discovered her a few weeks ago and she just did a post with KayleyMelissa…wow!, hair tutorials)

MakeupByAlli (more of a YouTube channel great makeup and hair ideas)


Share some of your favorite blogs in the comment box!

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