Girl Time – Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

Our girl time continued last week with a trip to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre.  I posted earlier about the beginning of my day with my mom and sister, who were visiting from Ohio.  You can read more about our Hershey Spa experience here.

Once we got back to Lancaster we had just enough time to catch our breath, change and get ready for our second big activity that day.  Soon after we got back my dad and hubs also returned after a day of hiking and looking at smart phones for my dad…yes he is getting his first ever smart phone, Lord help us all.  The last part of our day consisted of a little jaunt down the road to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre where they were putting on Funny Girl.  We’ve never been here before and didn’t really know what to expect.  Actually all this time driving by the place I actually thought it was the place next door, Loxley’s.  I also invited my mother in law to join us.  My parents and the hubs parents get along great!


When we got there I picked up our tickets at will call and we all hung around the lobby for about 10-15 minutes until the doors opened.  We were seated at our reserved table and when the waitress came around she took our drink order and we were directed to the buffet.  Now from the outside the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre doesn’t look like much and the inside is also pretty dated so I wasn’t expecting much but the food was REALLY good!  We all enjoyed everything we had and then dived into the dessert table…oh my…so many choices, it was great!


After dinner was the show, Funny Girl.  You stay at your table for the show and I didn’t think that sounded very comfortable but it totally worked with a little wriggling of your chair.  The theatre isn’t that big so I can’t imagine there is a bad seat in the house.  With the exception of a few songs, none of us really knew the musical Funny Girl and we are musical fans!  All we really knew was that Barbara Streisand played the lead in the movie back in the day.

The show was great!  The lead was fantastic and the story line was good.  It’s not a flashy new musical like so many are now a days.  It’s old school but so charming.  My sister and I kept saying we felt bad because we wanted to clap louder but the crowd didn’t really warrant that.  Definitely not a hoot and holler type of group, and my sister and I were probably the youngest there so…..  After the show we filed out, said our goodbyes and drove back home.  Exhausted we called it a day, the next day we were off again.

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