It’s Fasnacht Day!!!

You might be thinking…what is a Fasnacht?  That was me, a little over a year ago.

Now that I’ve entered my second Fasnacht season I feel like a pro!  I’m now the one telling people new to the area all about them.  I’m feeling like a, dare I say, local?!?!?

So what is a Fasnacht, Faschnacht, Fosnot, Fosnaught, or Fausnaught?  Well it might just be one of the yummiest, once a year treats around the Lancaster County area!


Upon quick glance it’s a donut.  But not just any donut…a special one, a fasnacht.  It’s denser and creamier tasting – often due to the mashed potatoes that are added.  It only comes around the beginning of lent.  The official day is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – or Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Carnivale.

Being this is a Pennsylvania Dutch area the tradition lives!  It’s a time to use up the oil, butter, lard, and sugar in the home to prepare for a Lenten season.  Many of the churches and local grocery stores in the area sell them.  Some only today, Fasnacht day!

Want to learn more?  This Nearpod lesson I made for my students and faculty gives a fun overview.

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