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Google Keep - One of Googles best kept secrets |www.livinginthesunlight.comI love almost everything Google.  I love that it just works, keeps things simple and practical and REALLY helps organize your life and share things with those that matter most.  And it’s all FREE!!!  Being in Educational Technology free is always great!  One of my favorite tools in the Google universe is Google Keep.  It’s one of the lesser known tools but man does it come in handy!

Essentially it is a list maker.  But a list maker that does everything you’ve ever wanted a list maker to do!  Not only can you make lists but you can also jot down notes as well.  You can access Google Keep from any web browser and there is a free Android app (come on iOS app then my life would be complete!)

You can make as many lists as you wish by just typing in the items of your list.  What really sells me on this tool is that you get a box next to every item on your list, and when you’ve completed that task or purchase that grocery item you tap the box and the item is crossed off and moved to the bottom of the list.  It’s the same satisfaction you get when using a pen and crossing stuff off your paper list.  If you uncheck the box the item returns to your list (which is great for grocery list items).  You can reorder items on your list and you can share the lists with others (which is amazing for reminding your husband of what you need at the grocery store) and create reminders.  On the app you can also speak your notes.  Like most things Google it saves things for you as you go as well…super handy!

Google Keep - One of Googles best kept secrets |


Again, I am just trying to spread a little Google love in that this is an app or web tool that is worth checking out!  Since it’s on my phone it’s so handy for those quick reminders and notes you need to jot down just so you don’t forget.  If anything is it an amazing grocery list keeper!  Five stars!!

What is your favorite way to keep a list?

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