Hyperlapse from Instagram

With my day job being in the Educational Technology field part of the fun is finding new and fun tools to play around with.  Hyperlapse from Instagram is one of those tools.

So what is Hyperlapse?  It’s an app that you can download for free on your iPhone or iPad (not for Android yet).  My only apple device is an iPad so that is where I was able to play with this app.  Hyperlapse takes time lapse videos of what you point your device at.  Just as your would take a normal video using your phone or tablet, you would open the Hyperlapse app instead, start recording and press stop when you are done.  After you press stop you have the ability to set the speed of your video (1x – 12x) and you are done!  It comes with built in stabilization, which is great, and you can very easily share your finished video with the apps you have downloaded on your device.  No sound is captured in your video but you could add music or something by editing it in another app.

While it’s not going to be my go to everyday video capturing tool, it will definitely be kept in my back pocket on those unique occasions.  To try it out I shot about a 5 minute video of the snow coming down about a week ago.  When I finished recording I increased the speed to 12X, saved it and uploaded it to YouTube.  So easy!  In YouTube I was able to add music from the music library YouTube give you to play with.

I think as we hit spring here in Lancaster County I will do a Hyperlapse on my hour commute to work.  It’s such a pretty drive and this is the perfect app to capture that!

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