What I’m Loving Today! #6

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with the What I’m Loving Today – #6!

1. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Creme Cleanser

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - NeutrogenaIn looking to simplify and be more ‘natural’ I stumbled upon this cleanser.  Now I know there are way more ‘natural’ things I could wash my face with but I’m really digging this stuff.  My face feels clean and it smells AMAZING!!  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

I’ve been pairing it with a charcoal natural facial cleansing sponge I bought from Birchbox.  I didn’t see it on that website anymore but I found something similar here.





2. This Instagram Account

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Fit GirlsA friend recently introduced me to this FitGirls Instagram account and it looks really fun and super motivating!  My friend has been following the #28dayjumpstart with great success and I’ll probably jump on board here eventually.  What’s stopping me?  Honestly, I have no idea…time to give myself a pep talk!



3. This weather!

I mean seriously, look at that!!!  Nice weather makes me instantly happier and more active.

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - The Weather

4. The BEST soft pretzels ever!

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Soft Pretzels!The BEST soft pretzels, in my opinion, come from Norm’s Pretzels at Root’s Market in Lancaster County.  The are perfectly salted and flavorful, no butter or dipping sauce needed.  Did I mention they are dirt cheap too?  I also love that they ask if you want them warm or not…warm if you are going to eat it right away (and I am!) or not if you are going to take them home and warm them up yourself.  Root’s is only open on Tuesday’s, so plan accordingly!





Well that concludes this post on What I’m Loving Today – #6!  Check out my other What I’m Loving Today posts and feel free to comment below and join in the fun!  Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s Fasnacht Day!!!

You might be thinking…what is a Fasnacht?  That was me, a little over a year ago.

Now that I’ve entered my second Fasnacht season I feel like a pro!  I’m now the one telling people new to the area all about them.  I’m feeling like a, dare I say, local?!?!?

So what is a Fasnacht, Faschnacht, Fosnot, Fosnaught, or Fausnaught?  Well it might just be one of the yummiest, once a year treats around the Lancaster County area!


Upon quick glance it’s a donut.  But not just any donut…a special one, a fasnacht.  It’s denser and creamier tasting – often due to the mashed potatoes that are added.  It only comes around the beginning of lent.  The official day is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – or Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Carnivale.

Being this is a Pennsylvania Dutch area the tradition lives!  It’s a time to use up the oil, butter, lard, and sugar in the home to prepare for a Lenten season.  Many of the churches and local grocery stores in the area sell them.  Some only today, Fasnacht day!

Want to learn more?  This Nearpod lesson I made for my students and faculty gives a fun overview.

What I’m Loving Today! #5

I just worked on planning out my summer calendar, both personal and professional…I love to maximize vacation days.  🙂  I’m always excited at summer time.  Even though I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not a K-12 teacher anymore with summers off, I still feel like this is when I’m supposed to (and want to) take most of my vacation.  It just feels right.

On to what I’m loving today…

1. Beach Season!

I am such a beach bum and have always been a water baby.  We spend a lot of time in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  My in-laws have a house there, Tim and I fell in love there, we got married there, part of the reason we moved back north is to spend more time there.  It’s a special place to us.  Super family friendly, very safe, cute and active little downtown.  We were there over Memorial Weekend and had a great time as usual.  Memorial Weekend tends to be a time we have a lot of chores to do to get the house ready for the season.  We plant flowers, put the screened in porch together, etc.  I like this little antique shop a few blocks away and snapped this photo of a piece of art someone did…pretty much sums up the town.


2. Rhino Fries

There is a little local place in Elizabethtown, PA that we’ve been wanting to try called T.J. Rockwell’s.  Last Friday, before Memorial Weekend, we only had a half day of work so some co-workers and I decided to go there for lunch and drinks.  They had been before but this was my first time there.  It’s a HUGE place with most of the seating being in this cool outdoor tiki like area.  Doesn’t look like much from the road but it’s pretty massive once inside.  We ordered an appetizer called ‘Rhino Fries’ for us to share.  First of all it’s also huge!  Second thing, my co-workers are awesome and ordered it with the bacon on the side because they know that wouldn’t fly with me.  It looks like normal cheese fries with a ranch dipping sauce but it’s so good!  Fries are crispy and cooked perfectly, the cheese is melted just right and wait what was that…cheese wiz under the normal cheese…heaven. 🙂  I also ordered the veggie burger, which was tasty, but had to take most of it home…Rhino fries did me in.

Yesterday, Tim had a school field trip to Hershey Park so we decided to go there for dinner because it is out in that direction and because I kept talking about this place.  We met there around 5:30 and ordered drinks and Rhino fries and had no problem finishing it, just the two of us.  We both also ordered entrees, mine a crab Caesar salad, which was also great but again I had to take most of it home.   Tim is now also in love with the fries but the fries might not love him back since he complained about how full he was the rest of the night.


3. Arbonne Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution

If you are familiar with Arbonne, this is a new product line called Genius.  My best friend in NC sells Arbonne and I decided to try the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution.  I’ve used different products from them a few times before and I never really notice much difference and they ARE expensive.  What I guess might be worth the price is that these products are much better for you in terms of quality, being natural and chemical free.  This product feels different to me though.  I’ve been using the pads now for a few weeks and I am starting to see a difference!  I think my freckles (which are really probably age spots and sun damage) are starting to fade and my naturally oily skin seems to be more balanced.  The packaging is a bit odd because the pads come dry with a bottle of the solution and you are just supposed to pour the entire bottle of solution over the pads anyway.  The pads are a normal size and I, after the recommendation of my friend, cut them in half to make the expensive product last longer.  Half a pad is all I need to go over my face a few time and I usually hit my neck and chest as well.



So what are you loving today?

WWII Encampment

To round out our weekend that seemed to keep us feeling as though we were going back in time we wound up at the WWII Encampment event at Wheatland.  So we went from 1800’s baseball to WWII era in a matter of 24 hours…not too bad huh?


This was my first time at the Campus of History in Lancaster, PA otherwise known as President James Buchanan’s Wheatland.  Even though you are definitely in the city of Lancaster, it’s a little sprawling, green, lush campus that doesn’t feel city like at all.  We easily parked in the lot and walked the grounds and visited the various set ups the participants put together.  Through LancasterHistory.org you can find out a lot more information on this area and the different events.

This event was great because there was a little bit of everything, Italian troops, Seebees (now I now what this is and I feel smart typing it 🙂 ), communication soldiers, airplane mechanics, and a bunch more!  There were also tents with displays and a trailer set up like a 1940’s house that you could walk though.  All the items they collected over the years was so interesting and some even had period music playing and airplane take off noise going off in the background which really made it come to life.  Sunday morning wasn’t too busy so it was great to be able to talk to all the guys and gals and ask questions.  Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable.  They all kept saying the big WWII event they all look forward too is coming up in a few weeks in Reading, PA.  I think this is what they were talking about and if we are around we might have to check that out.


This is really my favorite time period in history and I know it’s Tim’s, my history teacher hubby.  For me personally, it’s the the connection of it being my grandparents era and my grandfather fought in WWII in the Pacific.  I love the music, style, the way our country came together and sacrificed.  It makes me proud to be an American.  It really is our greatest generation.

Vintage Base Ball

We had one of those weekends where we’ve stepped back in time.  Vintage base ball yesterday and WWII encampment today.  I’ll post of the encampment tomorrow but for base ball…here we go!

For a few weeks now I’ve seen different tweets and Facebook posts about Vintage Base Ball day with the Strasburg Railroad.  We’ve gone to vintage base ball games before when visiting my family in Ohio but this event seemed pretty cool.  You drive to the Strasburg Railroad and hop on the train to take a short ride to a field where you can get off and enjoy a vintage base ball tournament.  We kept an eye on the weather and when it looked like it was going to be a great day we were in!  We are both big baseball fans and love history so this seems a match made in sunny day heaven.

The Strasburg Railroad has a lot of themed train trips but this was my first!  I think all the trips are the same route, about a 45 minute round trip or about 9 miles I think I heard them say.  There are a few places to stop along the way if you wanted to make a day out of it.  The old steam train doesn’t go very fast and the price of your train ticket depends on the type of car you want to sit in…coach, open air, parlor car, dining car etc.  We opted for the cheapest coach car which was $14 each.  We headed to the end of the line, the locomotive switched ends and headed back.  It was on the way back that they dropped most of us off at the base ball tournament.


After we got off the train it was a little walk to the fields.  Verdant View Field is the name of the farm field where the games were played.  There were two fields set up and two games going on at a time.  There was also a little concession stand set up with kettle corn, hot dogs and various drinks.  We got there right as the first games were about to start, set up the blanket we brought on the third base side and settled in to watch the Rising Sun Base Ball Club vs. Mohican Base Ball Club of Kennett Square.IMG_20150516_114905658

If you’ve never seen Vintage Base Ball it’s pretty different.  They don’t use gloves, you can catch a ball after one bounce and the person it out, they pitch underhand, they all have fun nicknames and depending on the team and tournament they may have some other different rules and traditions.  You can learn more about Vintage Base Ball here.IMG_20150516_122922336

It’s a much more intimate base ball experience.  Really a gentleman’s game.  Usually the team members come into the crowd and show the ball and answer questions.  There was one unusual play that happened during the game and the spectators didn’t really understand what happened and they stopped the game and explained to the crowd what the rule was.IMG_20150516_123509488

During the game the Strasburg Railroad train came by a few more times and dropped more people off or others got back on the train.  It was so relaxed and enjoyable.  We stayed a few hours, until the end of the first set of games in the tournament and hopped back on the train.  We were hungry, had a lot of sun and it was a pretty humid day.

They do this event in October and I can’t wait to go again!


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