Story Book Themed Baby Shower

We try to get together for a ‘girls’ weekend once a year with just my mom and sister and this year we also included my two aunts.  In June, they all came to Lancaster for a few days.  It’s raining babies over here on my side of the family, my brother had a baby this week and my sister is due in October.  While here we surprised my sister with a little story book themed baby shower.

She isn’t finding out the gender and the nursery is taking on a story book theme so that made it easy.  My mom also kept some of our childhood books that are still in good condition and were given to us as a gift so this made a perfect surprise as well.  Search Pinterest for Story Book Themed Baby Shower and you’ll be totally inspired.  We aren’t a fussy bunch and knew we wanted to keep in simple so here I asked everyone to bring a book and then based on the books my mom had kept, I picked a few that I knew I could make food ideas out of.

Story Book Themed Baby Shower

Book & Recipes: (some links are affiliate links)


My go to book to give little ones is the Monster At The End Of This Book – it even comes as a board book!

Monster at the end of this Book - Book


My sister asked me to make a directional sign with fictional places from stories that both her and her husband love.  I surprised her by also making a bookshelf to go along with it!  I can give a lot more detail on how I did both but I think that will be another post!

Tree bookshelf and sign


What I’m Loving Today! #7

It’s been awhile, but I’m excited to share with you what I’m loving today – #7!

1. Caulking the molding!

This sounds so silly but it makes such a huge difference and really makes everything look so clean and perfect!  I used a paintable, white, silicone caulk between the molding and wall.  Really brings it all together and can help hide painting imperfections.

What I'm Loving Today - Caulking the molding

2. Baseball Season!

It’s here!  It’s my favorite sport to watch not to mention is the one with the cutest athletes!  I love the sport, the food, the atmosphere.  We attended the Lancaster Barnstormers home opener a few weeks ago.

What I'm Loving Today - Barnstormers Home Opener

3. Kreg Jig K5

This is kind of my new obsession!  If you’ve ever scoured Pinterest for DIY home stuff I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon projects that highly recommend this tool.  I finally bit the bullet, bought it off Amazon, have ZERO regrets.  I have four big projects going on right now that I’ll share when I’m done.  All inspired by my three main DIY lady crushes – Ana White and the Shanty2Chic sisters!  If you go for it – I also highly recommend getting these clamps and this giant set of pocket hole screws!  They also have cheaper Kreg Jigs available but I needed some of the features that came with this one!

What I'm Loving Today - Kreg Jig K5

4. My husband

I know cheesy!  I’m not a mushy, super affectionate person but this picture makes me laugh.  Last weekend one of the houses across the street had an estate auction.  We didn’t quite know what that meant until Saturday morning when our neighborhood was packed with cars and the auction went from 8:00am – 4:30pm.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I went over a few times, got lunch at the food truck, listened to the auctioneer while working in the garage.  Tim, however, was over there pretty much all day!  He was so excited for this $4 purchase!  Thankfully that is all he came home with!

What I'm Loving Today - $4 wheelbarrow!


So what are you loving today?  Feel free to comment below and check out past posts about What I’m Loving Today.

Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s Fasnacht Day!!!

You might be thinking…what is a Fasnacht?  That was me, a little over a year ago.

Now that I’ve entered my second Fasnacht season I feel like a pro!  I’m now the one telling people new to the area all about them.  I’m feeling like a, dare I say, local?!?!?

So what is a Fasnacht, Faschnacht, Fosnot, Fosnaught, or Fausnaught?  Well it might just be one of the yummiest, once a year treats around the Lancaster County area!


Upon quick glance it’s a donut.  But not just any donut…a special one, a fasnacht.  It’s denser and creamier tasting – often due to the mashed potatoes that are added.  It only comes around the beginning of lent.  The official day is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – or Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Carnivale.

Being this is a Pennsylvania Dutch area the tradition lives!  It’s a time to use up the oil, butter, lard, and sugar in the home to prepare for a Lenten season.  Many of the churches and local grocery stores in the area sell them.  Some only today, Fasnacht day!

Want to learn more?  This Nearpod lesson I made for my students and faculty gives a fun overview.

Surprise 70th Birthday Party – 50’s Diner Style

This past week my parents and my mom’s sister, brother and spouses have been gallivanting all over Lancaster County to celebrate my Aunt Carleen’s 70th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary.  It was my aunts idea to have them all meet up in Lancaster since it is sort of a central point for all of them coming from Ohio, New York and Mississippi.  My mom wanted to do something special so we decided to have them over for dinner at our apartment one night and throw a fun little surprise party….50’s Diner Style.

50's party

With a few weeks to plan, I ordered almost everything I needed on Amazon and did a simple diner menu.  Tim served as the line cook and I was the waitress.  Even Penny got into the spirit.

Party Supplies:

Cat Eye Glasses

Hair Twist for my Waitress Costume

Waitress Apron

Dog Costume

Car Prop 

Side Burns

Greaser Comb

Greaser Wig

50’s Wig Brunette

Red Wig

Blonde Wig

Poodle Skirt

Straw Fedora Hat

Soda Shop Wall Clings

Condiment Caddy

Hawaiian Shirts – My Dad brought them

Bobby Socks – Girls Dept in Target

Food Baskets – Target

Coke Glasses – Dollar Store


We had 50’s music playing and a World Series Baseball game from the 50’s playing on the TV…I think Tim found that on YouTube.  Once everyone arrived the guys went to one room to don their duds and the ladies to another.   After plenty of giggles and LOTS of photos they sat down in the ‘Diner’ to order.



I made the menu with a combination of Google images and Microsoft Publisher.  For the Guest Check I found an image on Google and enlarged it a bit.



Surprisingly, all the food came out sort of at the same time…good job line cook Tim! 🙂  After dinner and desserts we cleaned up a bit and had Aunt Carleen open gifts.  Nothing fancy we all just got her 70 of ‘something’ for the 70th birthday.  I took a jar and but 70 rocks in it and a candle and said ’70 Rocks!’.  Someone else gave her 70 Hershey Kisses.  Another gift was a frame with a penny with all the important dates in her life.  We also had her senior yearbook and enjoyed going through old photos and memories.

It was a great night with family I don’t see very often.



Spring House – New Brewery is Open!

One of my favorite breweries, now that we live in PA, is Spring House Brewing Company in Lancaster.  They brew a lot of beers that are near and dear to me since I am a dark beer lover…Big Gruesome, Lil’ Gruesome, Kerplunk, Satan’s Bake Sale, Blood Lust…

We’ve been to the downtown Tap Room location many times and have taken family and friends there when they come to visit.  It’s right next to Central Market on King St. and it has the BEST food!  I LOVE the Black Bean Burger Wrap and Tim loves the Red Hot Sausages.  It is a small space so you do tend to have to time it right.

We were excited to hear they were moving their brewery itself from outside of Lancaster city to Lancaster city.  They opened a few weeks ago and we knew that this past weekend we had to check it out!


The location of the new brewery is on Hazel street.  It’s not really near any of the touristy things or right downtown and honestly that’s ok by us.  It’s nice to have a place to go that you know you don’t have to time right…you can just go.  There is plenty of parking and the old warehouse looks fantastic!  We got there around 3pm on a Saturday and hadn’t had lunch yet so we were excited to have a few beers and check out the new menu.


The inside is sweet!  Big and open, rustic and historic but functional.  Its hits right on their theme without being too kitschy.  The back half of the old warehouse is the brewery and the front half is the eating and drinking area.  The whole place has an open feel with the upstairs being a catwalk of sorts where it looks like you could hold events and parties.  There is also an outside patio in the front and it looks like there might be more patio space to be developed on the side of the building.  It was too hot outside for anyone to enjoy the outdoor seating on this day but it looks like eventually it might be enough space to double the amount of seating.

The menu is different than the Tap Room but we knew that going in and were excited to find some new favorites.  They also have a raw oyster bar if you are into that.  We sat at the bar, which is pretty big.  We both ordered a beer and a pretzel rope to start.  I’m a sucker for a soft pretzel and this was great with good cheesy dipping sauce…although it’s hard to find a bad one in Lancaster county.  I ordered the Big Gruesome and Tim had the She Monster.


We also ordered entrees.  I had the Spent Grain burger – a vegetarian option with all the fixings.  Tim ordered the Rubin and somewhere in there we both had another beer.  When they brought out the food they ended up bringing Tim a burger instead of a Rubin.  They were so nice they gave him a beer to help ease the pain of waiting for his order to come out.  Food was great!  Loved the spent grain burger (we like to use our spent grain to make grain bars) and Tim loved the Rubin.




The staff was hustling and there were a lot of them.  For a Saturday at 3pm, and only being open about a week and a half, the place was also pretty full!  I’m not even sure they are fully open yet…more of a soft open.  There were a few seats around and some shared tables but it was hopping.

One of my favorite things about Spring House is that you can also buy half pints.  So if you don’t really want another full beer you can get a half one!!  Yay!  Especially good for me since my dark beers have a higher alcohol content.  We will be back soon!


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