Race for the Cure…Ocean City Style

IMG_0116.JPGA few weekends ago we were able to spend our first weekend of the season at the beach.  April is a tad early for beach time but when one of my best friends in Maryland, Alisa, said we should do the Race for the Cure in Ocean City…we couldn’t pass that up.  Alisa and I  worked together and became fast friends and she was actually diagnosed with breast cancer a few days before I started.  We decided to make it a couples weekend and at the last minute tacked on her two girls, which is great!

It was a great weekend because of company and weather.  Friday after work we left for Bethany Beach, DE, which is where we spend our beach time since my in-laws have a house there.  It’s about 3.5 hours away from where we live in Lancaster, PA.  We got in town at about 9:30 and walked downtown to grab some dinner.  In the ‘off season’ the pickings are slim and we ended up at Mango’s and were only able to sit at the bar and get drinks and bar food…fine by us.  I enjoyed nachos and the hubs had chicken wings.  Our friends arrived later that night after soccer practice.

The next morning we woke and headed to Ocean City to pick up our race packets and head to one of favorite places…The Seaside Country Store in Fenwick, DE for their cheese spread.  It was a beautiful day we were eager to get back to the house, grab lunch and get on the beach.  We all agreed lunch should be take out at Casapulla’s and the boys went to grab the grub.  Once they got back we ate and walked to the beach.  Earlier in the day were weren’t sure if it would be a good beach day if it wasn’t warm enough or windy but it was PERFECT!!!  Blankets and chairs in tow we ended up being able to wear swimsuits and cover ups and all got a healthy glow from the sun.

The great thing about the off season is that dogs are allowed on the beach and Penny loves it.  She isn’t much for the water but loves to warm in the sun.  My friends daughters are both really good photographers so we did a Penny photo shoot.  As you see our usually unphotogenic dog took a pretty good ‘selfie’. 

That night we were feeling our fill of sun and sand and decided to walk downtown for dinner.  We all agreed Grotto pizza would satisfy everyone.  Early to bed, we had an early morning ahead.

Sunday was the Ocean City Race for the Cure.    We were up early so we could make it on time for the survivor activities since Alisa is a survivor of two years.  We made it to the boardwalk of Ocean City in record time.  During the summer it could take almost an hour with all the lights and people but it took us about 20 minutes and parking was a breeze.  At the Race for the Cure there was a survivor’s tent with raffles and food and survivors walk.  We took part and then had about an hour still until the 5K.  We were all freezing and the wind was blowing pretty good so we decided to go warm up in the car for a little while.  About 20 minutes before the start of the race we emerged and were ready to go.


It was a great run…flat on the boardwalk and next to the ocean.  What could be better.  We all said the we’ve done other Race for the Cures and this one was by far the best because of location and because it was comfortable not overcrowded.

Once back to the beach house the four girls walked downtown to visit some of the shops that were open and the boys started laundry and probably took naps.  We lunched on leftovers, cleaned up a bit and soon our great weekend together was over.


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