Surprise 70th Birthday Party – 50’s Diner Style

This past week my parents and my mom’s sister, brother and spouses have been gallivanting all over Lancaster County to celebrate my Aunt Carleen’s 70th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary.  It was my aunts idea to have them all meet up in Lancaster since it is sort of a central point for all of them coming from Ohio, New York and Mississippi.  My mom wanted to do something special so we decided to have them over for dinner at our apartment one night and throw a fun little surprise party….50’s Diner Style.

50's party

With a few weeks to plan, I ordered almost everything I needed on Amazon and did a simple diner menu.  Tim served as the line cook and I was the waitress.  Even Penny got into the spirit.

Party Supplies:

Cat Eye Glasses

Hair Twist for my Waitress Costume

Waitress Apron

Dog Costume

Car Prop 

Side Burns

Greaser Comb

Greaser Wig

50’s Wig Brunette

Red Wig

Blonde Wig

Poodle Skirt

Straw Fedora Hat

Soda Shop Wall Clings

Condiment Caddy

Hawaiian Shirts – My Dad brought them

Bobby Socks – Girls Dept in Target

Food Baskets – Target

Coke Glasses – Dollar Store


We had 50’s music playing and a World Series Baseball game from the 50’s playing on the TV…I think Tim found that on YouTube.  Once everyone arrived the guys went to one room to don their duds and the ladies to another.   After plenty of giggles and LOTS of photos they sat down in the ‘Diner’ to order.



I made the menu with a combination of Google images and Microsoft Publisher.  For the Guest Check I found an image on Google and enlarged it a bit.



Surprisingly, all the food came out sort of at the same time…good job line cook Tim! 🙂  After dinner and desserts we cleaned up a bit and had Aunt Carleen open gifts.  Nothing fancy we all just got her 70 of ‘something’ for the 70th birthday.  I took a jar and but 70 rocks in it and a candle and said ’70 Rocks!’.  Someone else gave her 70 Hershey Kisses.  Another gift was a frame with a penny with all the important dates in her life.  We also had her senior yearbook and enjoyed going through old photos and memories.

It was a great night with family I don’t see very often.



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