What I’m Loving Today! #6

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with the What I’m Loving Today – #6!

1. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Creme Cleanser

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - NeutrogenaIn looking to simplify and be more ‘natural’ I stumbled upon this cleanser.  Now I know there are way more ‘natural’ things I could wash my face with but I’m really digging this stuff.  My face feels clean and it smells AMAZING!!  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

I’ve been pairing it with a charcoal natural facial cleansing sponge I bought from Birchbox.  I didn’t see it on that website anymore but I found something similar here.





2. This Instagram Account

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Fit GirlsA friend recently introduced me to this FitGirls Instagram account and it looks really fun and super motivating!  My friend has been following the #28dayjumpstart with great success and I’ll probably jump on board here eventually.  What’s stopping me?  Honestly, I have no idea…time to give myself a pep talk!



3. This weather!

I mean seriously, look at that!!!  Nice weather makes me instantly happier and more active.

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - The Weather

4. The BEST soft pretzels ever!

What I'm Loving Today - #6 - Soft Pretzels!The BEST soft pretzels, in my opinion, come from Norm’s Pretzels at Root’s Market in Lancaster County.  The are perfectly salted and flavorful, no butter or dipping sauce needed.  Did I mention they are dirt cheap too?  I also love that they ask if you want them warm or not…warm if you are going to eat it right away (and I am!) or not if you are going to take them home and warm them up yourself.  Root’s is only open on Tuesday’s, so plan accordingly!





Well that concludes this post on What I’m Loving Today – #6!  Check out my other What I’m Loving Today posts and feel free to comment below and join in the fun!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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