What I’m Loving Today! #3

Spring is here but it doesn’t quite yet feel like spring.  The weather keeps toying with me.   Wednesday it was 40ish, yesterday was around 65 but rainy then back in the high 30’s through Saturday.  I don’t get sick often (knock on wood) but when the weather does this type of yo yo-ing it can really do a number on me.  So I am sucking up tea today to ward off any buggers that try to invade me.  This leads me to my first item on my list this week…


I am lucky to have a cute coffee and snack bar in my building at work.  It’s run through the college dining service but it comes in so handy!  It also helps that the two ladies that work there are so sweet and it’s fun to go up and chit chat in the morning with them once the students have gone to class.  It’s not a daily visit but one that brightens your mood.  They have good coffee but I’ve only had that a few times since I usually have my daily coffee brewed at home and drink it on the way to work.  What I really love is the tea!  They have Mighty Leaf tea and I particularly like the Bombay Chai with a packet of honey and skim milk.  And yes I do like to drink my coffee and tea through the stir stick straw. 🙂

Mighty Leaf Tea  - I love the Bombay Chai |www.livinginthesunlight.com


I’ve really been craving shrimp lately.  The other day I went to a really nice grocery store in our area and bought ‘de-veined’, frozen, uncooked, medium size shrimp because I was going to make Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos!!  Ton of recipes on Pinterest but I settled on this one from Cooking Cowgirl.  Now I am not a picky eater except I don’t eat meat because the texture has always grossed me out.  I do eat seafood and enjoy shellfish especially.  I must admit, when I buy shrimp I usually buy the cooked stuff but this was my first time working with uncooked ones.  I defrosted them, they were de-veined but there was this gross other vein on the underbelly curled inside of each shrimp…grosssssssssss!  So I spent a decent amount of time (and paper towels) getting that vein out too.  From there I followed the recipe from Cooking Cowgirl for making the Bang Bang Shrimp and then we made tacos with Greek pitas, sour cream, green onions, avocado, lime wedges and slaw mix.  Sooooo good!!!  And there was enough for lunch the next day!  We will have this recipe again but I might pawn off the cleaning of the shrimp to the hubs.

#Success … Bang Bang Shrimp Taco Dinner … w/ @trasich

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I leave for work pretty early in the morning.  With the time change I have been able to witness some amazing sunsets on my country road commute through Lancaster County!  It’s so beautiful and I now wish I had a better camera to capture them all.  There is one particular turn I take that I think is one of the prettiest spots in the whole county, no matter the weather.  It’s the type of turn I always feel like there should be beautiful music playing in the background.  The photo below is not of that turn but my view before I leave for work since it probably isn’t the safest thing for me to take pics while driving.

Good morning #lancastercounty A photo posted by Kelly Miller (@kellymedu) on


I love the Pistachio Muffins from Weis Markets!  They usually come in a four pack of giant muffins or in a mix pack.  Rarely can you find just one on the shelf.  They are amazing and I’ve hooked so many people on them.  If you like pistachios, especially the taste of pistachio pudding, you will love these!!

Last week I brought in the four pack and shared with my coworkers, two of which had never had them before.  They loved them!  #Score

Pistachio Muffins  - Amazing from Weis Markets |www.livinginthesunlight.com


Sadly I’ve just realized that most of my list this week is food related…not sure how I feel about that 🙂  So what are your favorite things this week?

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